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John G. Pappas, MD

  • Specialty: Clinical Genetics
  • Languages: English, Greek
  • Phone: 646-754-2222
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About Me

My curiosity about science was heightened by a high school biology class, during which I wondered at the complex phenomena such simple elements—carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen—can create. Then the genetic code was discovered, and it seemed we suddenly had so many answers at our fingertips.

When I studied genetics in closer detail, however, I found more questions than answers. My interest in incurable diseases, especially those brought about by genes associated with unfavorable traits, grew during the years I studied in my home country, Greece, at the University of Athens. There, I discovered my passion: medical genetics. There was no specific program in Greece where I could further my training, so I moved to the United States and pursued pediatrics and genetics.

Helping families struggling with genetic conditions has become my priority. In my practice, I evaluate prenatal genetic abnormalities and offer prenatal counseling. I also evaluate children and adults with possible genetic disorders, including predisposition to cancer. I’m specifically interested in genomic microdeletions and microduplications—small mutations that are associated with different conditions, such as autism—and I hope to study these mutations in future research projects.

Patients and parents of patients often don’t realize that nature changes and distributes genes randomly. I try to eliminate the guilt that can accompany a genetic disease diagnosis by explaining that new mutations occur naturally, and that nobody has a choice in deciding which part of their DNA is transmitted to their kids.

It is fulfilling to be able to direct families, parents, and children with genetic conditions to the appropriate specialties. I love doing what I can to make their lives easier. I can empower families with the explanation that a DNA mutation is totally natural, untouchable by humans. Most of all, being a part of family discussions and decisions during personal, and sometimes very painful, times is a privilege and responsibility that extends beyond professional duties.

In addition to educating patients, I have a responsibility to educate students. I am actively involved in teaching first- and third-year medical students, as well as residents and fellows, about the main features of genetic syndromes, prompt communication of a diagnosis, and familiarity with advances in the field of medical genetics.

Conditions and Treatments

  • spina bifida
  • growth disorder
  • kabuki syndrome
  • multiple pterygium syndrome
  • connective tissue disease
  • epileptic seizures
  • movement disorder
  • muscular dystrophy
  • neurofibromatosis
  • normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • autism
  • intellectual disability
  • achondroplasia
  • arthrogryposis
  • birthmark
  • cleft palate
  • congenital hydrocephalus
  • cystic fibrosis
  • ear malformation
  • genetic skin disease
  • congenital scoliosis
  • limb abnormality
  • lysosomal storage disease
  • Marfan syndrome
  • pseudoachondroplasia
  • short stature
  • coarctation
  • hand deformity
  • kidney malformation
  • vascular malformation
  • Charcot Marie Tooth disease
  • skeletal dysplasia
  • learning disorder
  • Legg Calvé Perthes disease
  • Asperger syndrome
  • cerebral palsy
  • pervasive developmental disorder
  • craniosynostosis


  • Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Education and Training
  • Fellowship, Beth Israel Medical Center, Clinical Genetics, 1995
  • Residency, Beth Israel Medical Center, Pediatrics, 1991
  • MD from University of Athens, 1985

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Insurance Plans Accepted

This provider accepts the following insurance plans.

  • Aetna
    • Aetna HMO
    • Aetna Indemnity
    • Aetna International
    • Aetna Medicare Managed Care
    • Aetna Meritain Health
    • Aetna Open Access Elect Choice (EPO)
    • Aetna Open Access HMO
    • Aetna POS
    • Aetna POS (American Express Employer)
    • Aetna PPO
    • Aetna Signature Administrators PPO
    • Aetna Student Health
    • Allied
    • Chesterfield Resources Inc
    • Christian Brothers Services
    • CoreSource
    • Healthscope
    • Nippon Life of America-Aetna
    • Nippon Life-Aetna
    • Starmark
    • WellNet
  • Amida Care
    • Amida Care Medicaid
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • BCBS Blue Access EPO Large Group
    • BCBS Blue Access EPO Small Group
    • BCBS Blue Access GEPO Large Group
    • BCBS Blue Access GEPO Small Group
    • BCBS Blue Access HMO Small Group
    • BCBS Blue Access PPO Large Group
    • BCBS EPO
    • BCBS EPO (BlackRock Employees)
    • BCBS EPO (NYU Winthrop Employees)
    • BCBS EPO - Empire EPO (NYU Langone Employees)
    • BCBS EPO - Empire EPO (Sunset Park/Family Health Center Employees)
    • BCBS EPO - Empire NYU Care (NYU Langone Employees)
    • BCBS EPO - Empire NYU Care (NYU Winthrop Employees)
    • BCBS EPO - Empire NYU Care (Sunset Park/Family Health Center Employees)
    • BCBS Federal Program
    • BCBS HMO
    • BCBS Indemnity
    • BCBS Mediblue Medicare HMO
    • BCBS Mediblue Medicare PPO
    • BCBS POS
    • BCBS PPO
    • BCBS PPO (BlackRock Employees)
    • BCBS PPO (NYU Winthrop Employees)
    • BCBS PPO - Empire PPO (Sunset Park/Family Health Center Employees)
    • BCBS PPO/EPO Small Group
    • Local 32BJ SEIU
    • New York Hotel Trades
    • Unicare
  • Centerlight Healthcare
    • CenterLight Healthcare DIRECT
    • CenterLight Healthcare PACE
    • CenterLight Healthcare Select
    • Centerlight Pace Medicare HMO
  • Centers Plan For Healthy Living
    • Centers Plan For Healthy Living
  • Cigna
    • Apwu Health Plan
    • Cigna Great West PPO
    • Cigna HMO
    • Cigna Indemnity
    • Cigna Managed Care/POS
    • Cigna NALC
    • Cigna Open Access
    • Cigna Open Access PPO
    • Cigna PPO
    • Cigna Premier Plus
    • Consolidated Health Plans-NYU Student
    • Great West HMO
    • MVP-Cigna Network
  • Connecticare
    • Connecticare Commercial
  • Elderplan
    • Elderplan
    • Elderplan FIDA
  • Emblem
    • Emblem Select Care Basic Exchange
    • Emblem Select Care Bronze Exchange
    • Emblem Select Care Gold Exchange
    • Emblem Select Care Platinum Exchange
    • Emblem Select Care Silver Exchange
  • Empire BCBS Health Plus
    • BCBS Healthplus Essential Plan 1
    • BCBS Healthplus Essential Plan 2
    • BCBS Healthplus Essential Plan 3
    • BCBS Healthplus Essential Plan 4
    • BCBS Healthplus Gatekeeper exchange
    • BCBS Healthplus Medicare
    • BCBS Healthplus NY Child Health Plus NY
    • BCBS Healthplus NY Medicaid Managed Care NY
    • BCBS Healthplus Special Needs
  • Fidelis Care
    • Fidelis Care Bronze Exchange
    • Fidelis Care Catastrophic Cvg Exchange
    • Fidelis Care Child Health Plus
    • Fidelis Care Gold Exchange
    • Fidelis Care Medicaid Managed Care
    • Fidelis Care Medicare
    • Fidelis Care Native American Exchange
    • Fidelis Care Platinum Exchange
    • Fidelis Care Silver Exchange
    • Fidelis Essential Plan 1
    • Fidelis Essential Plan 2
    • Fidelis Essential Plan 3
    • Fidelis Essential Plan 4
  • GHI
    • American Plan Administrators
    • GHI CBP (City of New York Employees)
    • GHI Emblem Health EPO
    • GHI Emblem Health PPO
    • GHI HMO
    • GHI HMO Medicare
    • GHI Medicare PPO
    • GHI Medicare Supplement
    • GHI Network Access - Benefit Services of PA
    • GHI Network Access - Total Plan Concepts
    • IUOE Local 14-14B
    • Wlny-TV Inc.
  • HIP
    • Emblem Essential Plan 1
    • Emblem Essential Plan 2
    • Emblem Essential Plan 3
    • Emblem Essential Plan 4
    • HIP Access I
    • HIP Access II
    • HIP Bridge
    • HIP Child Health Plus
    • HIP EPO
    • HIP HMO
    • HIP Medicaid Enhanced Care
    • HIP Medicare VIP
    • HIP POS
    • HIP Prime Basic
    • HIP Prime Bronze
    • HIP Prime Gold
    • HIP Prime Platinum
    • HIP Prime Silver
    • HIP VIP Medicare - Affinity
    • HIP VIP Medicare - VIP Go
    • HIP Vytra Healthcare Managed Care
    • HIP Vytra Healthcare POS
    • HIP Vytra Healthcare PPO
  • Health Smart
    • WTC Health Program-HHC
  • Healthfirst
    • Health And Recovery Plan (Harp)
    • Healthfirst 65 Plus Plan (HMO)
    • Healthfirst Absolute Care FIDA
    • Healthfirst Assured Care
    • Healthfirst Bronze Leaf Exchange
    • Healthfirst Bronze Total, Pro, Plus EPO
    • Healthfirst Child Health Plus
    • Healthfirst Complete Care
    • Healthfirst Coordinated Benefits Plan (HMO)
    • Healthfirst Essential Plan 1 & 2
    • Healthfirst Essential Plan 3 & 4
    • Healthfirst Gold Leaf Exchange
    • Healthfirst Gold Total, Pro, Plus EPO
    • Healthfirst Green Leaf Exchange
    • Healthfirst Increased Benefits Plan
    • Healthfirst Life Improved Plan
    • Healthfirst Medicaid
    • Healthfirst Medicare
    • Healthfirst Medicare/NYU Risk
    • Healthfirst Personal Wellness Plan
    • Healthfirst Platinum Leaf Exchange
    • Healthfirst Platinum Total, Pro, Plus EPO
    • Healthfirst Senior Health Partners
    • Healthfirst Silver Leaf Exchange
    • Healthfirst Silver Total, Pro, Plus EPO
  • Humana
    • Humana Medicare Advantage
  • Island Group Administration
    • Island Group Administration
  • Local 1199
    • Local 1199 - NYU Hospital Member Choice
    • Local 1199 PPO
  • MVP Select Care Inc
    • MVP Preferred EPO
    • MVP Select Care Inc.
  • Magnacare
    • Magnacare PPO
  • Medicaid of New Jersey - Molina
    • Medicaid NJ/Molina
  • Medicaid of New York
    • NYS Medicaid
  • Medicare
    • Medicare Part A
    • Medicare Part A and B
    • Medicare Part B
  • Metroplus
    • Metroplus Bronze Plus Plan Exchange
    • Metroplus Child Health Plus
    • Metroplus Essential Plan 1
    • Metroplus Essential Plan 2
    • Metroplus Essential Plan 3
    • Metroplus Essential Plan 4
    • Metroplus Gold
    • Metroplus Gold Care 2
    • Metroplus Gold Plus Plan Exchange
    • Metroplus Medicaid Managed Care
    • Metroplus Medicare
    • Metroplus Medplus Plan Exchange
    • Metroplus Platinum Plus Plan Exchange
    • Metroplus Silver Plus Plan Exchange
  • Multiplan
    • AXA Assistance USA
    • Administrative Concepts
    • Beech Street PPO
    • Diversified Administration Corporation
    • Fiserv Health
    • GEHA
    • Global Excel
    • Global Health
    • Guardian Life Insurance Co Of America
    • Health Net Of California
    • Health Republic Of NJ
    • Humana Health Plan
    • Insurance Design Administrators
    • Kaiser Foundation
    • Kaiser Permanente
    • Meritain Health
    • Multiplan PPO
    • Multiplan-Capital Dist Phys Health
    • Mutual Of Omaha
    • Nippon Life Ins Co
    • PHCS
    • Principal Financial Group
    • Professional Benefit Admin
    • Qualcare Inc
    • Screen Actors Guild
    • Teamsters Allied Benefits
    • US Life Insurance Company
  • NYSHIP - The Empire Plan
    • NYS Health Insurance Plan - The Empire Plan
  • National Health Care Solutions Inc
    • Allianz Global Assistance
    • American Assistance - WTA
    • BMI Companies
    • Berkley Canada
    • CAN Assistance
    • Complete Claims Management Prof
    • Crossborder Health Partners
    • DIKLA / Harel Insurance Company
    • Desjardins - Sigma Assistel
    • Eurocare INC
    • Federal Assist
    • Global Response LTD
    • Guardian Life and Health Insurance Comp
    • Healix
    • Intana Assist
    • Mayday Assistance
    • Medipac Assist
    • Morgan White Admin International
    • Olympus Managed Health
    • Oneworld Assist - Tugo
    • Pacific Bluecross
    • Penfield Care Management
    • Savitar Group
    • Sunmed International
    • TIS -Travel Insurance Specialists Ltd
    • TMCA
    • Tour Med Assistance INC
    • WTA- American Assist
  • Oxford
    • Oxford Health Plans Freedom
    • Oxford Health Plans Liberty
  • POMCO Insurance Company
    • POMCO Insurance Company
  • Partners Health Plan Inc
    • Partners Health Plan FIDA
    • Partners Health Plan Medicaid
    • Partners Health Plan Medicare
  • Qualcare Inc.
    • Qualcare Direct
  • Railroad Medicare
    • Palmetto GBA Railroad Medicare
  • Transamerica Life Insurance Company
    • Transamerica Life Insurance Company (PB Only)
  • Tricare
    • TriWest
    • US Family Health Plan
  • United Healthcare
    • AARP Medicare Complete
    • Oxford Health Plans Medicare Advantage
    • UMR
    • UMR WTC Health Program
    • United Healthcare AARP
    • United Healthcare Choice
    • United Healthcare Choice (AMEX employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice (Blackrock employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice (CBS employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice NSLIJ
    • United Healthcare EPO
    • United Healthcare EPO (NYU Langone Health Employees)
    • United Healthcare HMO
    • United Healthcare Indemnity
    • United Healthcare Indemnity (NYU Langone Health Employees)
    • United Healthcare JP Morgan
    • United Healthcare Medicare
    • United Healthcare Navigate
    • United Healthcare POS
    • United Healthcare PPO
    • United Healthcare Plus (NYU Langone Health Employees)
    • United Healthcare Student Resources
  • VNS Choice Advantage
    • VNS Medicaid Advantage
    • VNS Medicare Advantage
    • VNS NY Choice Select Health
  • Veterans Choice
    • Veterans Choice Program-VACAA
  • Village Care
    • VillageCare
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NYU Pediatric Genetics Associates

145 East 32nd Street, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Center for Children-Genetics Clinic

301 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10003

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SETD2, Phenotype-Genotype correlation

Clinical Trials and Research Studies

  • Genetic evaluation of patients with undiagnosed diseases

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