Medically Supervised Weight Loss for Obesity

People who are affected by obesity and have had limited success losing weight on their own may benefit from medically supervised weight loss through NYU Langone’s New You program. This program offers low-calorie meal replacements and structured support from our weight loss experts and registered dietitians to help you lose weight as quickly and safely as possible.

Medically supervised weight loss using meal replacements may be recommended for people who need to safely lose a significant amount of weight in order to control other serious conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or hypertension. This program can also help to decrease the risk of complications and improve recovery from surgery, if it is needed to repair worn joints, a hernia, or other obesity-related conditions.

As a participant in our weight loss program, you eat three to five high-protein meals per day. These meals feature low glycemic foods, which are designed to help you feel satisfied longer without raising your blood sugar level. These meals also help the body burn more fat, which causes weight loss. Every two weeks, our doctors monitor your metabolic rate, blood sugar, ketones (a byproduct of fat metabolism), and lipids, or fats, with blood and breathing tests to ensure that you are losing weight safely.

Our weight loss team also provides ongoing nutritional and behavioral support to reinforce new eating and exercise habits and help you maintain weight loss.

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