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Tenex Procedure for Knee Sprains & Strains

If a knee sprain or strain doesn’t heal after immobilization and rest, therapeutic injections, and physical and occupational therapy, NYU Langone specialists may use a minimally invasive treatment called the Tenex Health TX System. This can stimulate healing at the site of a sprain or strain and prevent the buildup of scar tissue, which can hamper healing and limit range of motion.

To perform the procedure, a sports medicine expert numbs the affected area and inserts a small, hollow, needle-like instrument while examining the sprained or strained tendon, muscle, or ligament with an ultrasound machine. The specialist can loosen scar tissue and remove it or mildly irritate the injured tendon, ligament, or muscle with the instrument. This can trigger your body’s healing process to remove damaged tissue. Healthy tissue is unaffected.

Only a small incision is required when using the Tenex Health TX System, which can be performed in your doctor’s office. It takes 20 minutes.

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