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NYU School of Medicine and NYU Hospitals Center Combine

Joining the Hospitals' Clinical Expertise with the Medical School's World-Class Research and Educational Capabilities Will Enhance Physician Education, Scientific Research and Patient Care

Robert I. Grossman, M.D., the newly appointed 15th Dean and CEO of NYU Medical Center, announced today a plan to combine the NYU School of Medicine and the NYU Hospitals Center into a unified, fully integrated academic medical center. Dr. Grossman outlined the details of his plan in a letter sent today to the NYU Medical Center community.

Dr. Grossman said, "Bringing together the superb clinical expertise of the NYU hospitals and the world-class research and educational capabilities of the medical school will enhance our already cutting-edge, high-quality medical education, scientific research and patient care. This integration will also promote a more collaborative culture - one more responsive to patients, physicians, scientists, nurses and staff - and create a more productive working environment. I am confident that this transformation will help NYU Medical Center build on its legacy of greatness - setting the standard for academic medicine for decades to come."

The integration of the School of Medicine and the Hospitals Center will benefit the entire NYU Medical Center community by, among other things:

  • Unifying the Medical Center's vision and management across research, education and clinical care;
  • Creating a more patient-centered culture;
  • Promoting a more physician-focused environment;
  • Encouraging "big science" and translational research;
  • Advancing the education and training of physicians/scientists; and
  • Strengthening accountability, improving transparency and creating organizational efficiencies.

Martin Lipton, Chair of the NYU Board of Trustees, said, "NYU Medical Center is one of the most respected academic medical centers in the world, and Bob Grossman has articulated a clear and compelling vision to further strengthen its research, education and clinical care. The Board of Trustees enthusiastically supports the direction Dr. Grossman and his team are taking the Medical Center and are confident that their leadership will help ensure its pre-eminence for decades to come."

John Sexton, President of NYU, said, "I look forward to working closely with Dr. Grossman as he and his team implement this exciting plan to integrate the NYU School of Medicine and NYU Hospitals Center. Among other benefits, this transformation offers us the opportunity to forge an even closer working relationship between NYU and the NYU Medical Center, which will benefit the students, faculty and researchers of both institutions."

Kenneth Langone, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the NYU Medical Center, said, "Dr. Grossman is launching a new era at the NYU Medical Center that provides great opportunity to build on the achievements of the past nine years. He has developed an ambitious agenda that will stimulate promising new research initiatives, further improve the operations of our hospitals, strengthen the quality of education for our students and enhance the delivery of care to our patients. The entire Board of Trustees looks forward to working with him to realize the promise of his bold vision."

Robert Berne, NYU's Senior Vice President for Health said, "All of us at NYU are excited about the potential of closer collaboration between the Medical Center and all of our academic disciplines - from chemistry, mathematics, biology, neural science, computer science and physics, to law, public policy, public health, dentistry, nursing and health sciences. Dr. Grossman's transformation of the NYU Medical Center will help us achieve the closer collaboration necessary to ensure we remain leaders both in scientific discovery and medical education."

Dr. Grossman also announced the appointment of a new senior management team to help drive forward the integration of the NYU Medical Center, noting they are all "well-recognized leaders from within the Medical Center who have exceptional track records of success and deep institutional knowledge."

The senior leadership team (bios attached) includes:

  • Andrew W. Litt, M.D., Executive Vice President and Vice Dean, Chief of Staff
  • Steven B. Abramson, M.D., Senior Vice President and Vice Dean for Education, Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • Bernard A. Birnbaum, M.D., Senior Vice President and Vice Dean, Chief of Hospital Operations
  • Andrew W. Brotman, M.D., Senior Vice President and Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs and Strategy, Chief Clinical Officer
  • Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D., Senior Vice President and Vice Dean for External Affairs
  • Vivian S. Lee, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., Senior Vice President and Vice Dean for Science, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Vicki Match Suna, A.I.A, Senior Vice President and Vice Dean for Real Estate Development and Facilities
  • Paul Conocenti, Senior Vice President and Vice Dean, Chief Information Officer
  • Richard R. Crater, Senior Vice President and Vice Dean, Corporate Chief Financial Officer
  • Annette Johnson, J.D., Senior Vice President and Vice Dean, General Counsel
  • Nancy Sanchez, Senior Vice President and Vice Dean, Human Resources (Acting)

Dr. Grossman closed his letter by thanking the Boards of Trustees of both NYU and NYU Medical Center for their ongoing support. He also expressed appreciation to the Medical Center community, saying, "I would like to thank each of you for your incredible energy and commitment, which has made NYU Medical Center one of the nation's most prestigious institutions of academic medicine. As we continue to work together in this fully integrated organization and this more collaborative culture, I am confident we will make NYU Medical Center the standard-bearer of world-class research, education and patient care in the 21st century."

NYU Medical Center announced in March that Dr. Grossman was replacing Dr. Robert Glickman as Dean of the NYU School of Medicine and CEO of NYU Hospitals Center.

About NYU Medical Center

With roots stretching back over 160 years, NYU Medical Center is a national leader in scientific research, patient care, and the education and training of physicians. The Medical Center consists of NYU School of Medicine and NYU Hospitals Center facilities: Tisch Hospital, an acute-care tertiary hospital serving more than 35,000 inpatients annually; Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, the first and one of the largest of its kind, serving approximately 2,500 inpatients and 55,000 outpatients each year; and NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, one of only five orthopedic/rheumatology hospitals in the world. NYU Hospitals Center has recently opened major multispecialty ambulatory facilities, one for cancer patients and the other for children. In all, NYU Hospitals Center receives over 600,000 ambulatory visits per year.

NYU School of Medicine enrolls approximately 700 students, including about 70 students in the Medical Scientist (M.D./Ph.D.) Training Program. The School has vibrant research programs, involving both the Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, a prestigious basic research facility, and the new Smilow Research Center, devoted to translational (patient-oriented) medicine. The School is also home to the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, which offers interdisciplinary training programs in the basic medical sciences, leading to the Ph.D. degree, and to the NYU Post-Graduate Medical School, offering Continuing Medical Education courses to physicians and other biomedical health professionals. In addition, the School of Medicine maintains affiliations with several leading area hospitals, including Bellevue Hospital, the nation's oldest public hospital; and the Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Healthcare System, offering a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services to veterans who served in the United States military.

NYU Medical Center is one of the best in the country:

  • Over 80% of NYU School of Medicine students participate in research-far above the national average.
  • NYU School of Medicine ranks 4th in the nation in the percentage of alumni who go on to become full-time faculty in U.S. medical schools.
  • NYU Hospitals Center consistently ranks among the nation's top 50 hospitals in leading annual surveys, and has earned the Magnet Award in recognition of nursing excellence.
  • NYU Hospitals Center scores among the best hospitals in the country in overall patient safety. It was one of only three from New York to be recognized for the safety and quality of care by the Leapfrog Group, a consortium representing 34 million employees from Fortune 500 and other companies.
  • Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine has ranked first in New York State for 16 years in a row.

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