NYU Physician: Winter 2011-2012

NYU Physician: Winter 2011-2012

Changing Perspectives on Women’s Health: Heart Disease, Breast Cancer Risk, Pelvic Pain

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Inside This Issue

  • Changing Perspectives on Women’s Health: Heart disease, breast cancer risk, pelvic pain.
  • The Toll of Heart Disease in Women: Research on women has lagged, but recent studies shed light on the mechanisms that cause heart attacks in women. 
  • Breast Cancer Risk: Researchers hope to give women a more precise assessment of their personal risk of developing breast cancer.  
  • Minimizing Disfigurement: Breast surgeons are offering a new kind of mastectomy surgery that helps women feel better about their bodies.  
  • A New Field of Medicine Offers Women Relief from Pain: The Women’s Rehabilitation Program at Rusk Institute considers every aspect of female physiology and anatomy.

Additional Headlines:

  • Surprising Answers Found to ACL Injuries
  • Reducing the Risk of Miscarriage in IVF Pregnancies
  • An HHMI Fellow Vows to Study Breast Cancer After the Disease Claims Her Mother’s Life
  • A Q&A with Dr. Virginia Sadock on Women’s Sex Lives
  • New Children’s Hospital Announced