NYU Physician: Fall 2011

NYU Physician: Fall 2011

The Burden of Diabetes: The Obesity Pandemic; Avoiding Amputation; Therapies on the Horizon

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Inside This Issue

  • The Burden of Diabetes: The obesity pandemic; avoiding amputation; therapies on the horizon.
  • What Are the Odds of Losing Weight?: Two overweight teenagers beat the odds and transform their lives.
  • Saving Lives and Limbs: Diabetes robs 65,000 Americans of limbs each year. But some can be saved.
  • Why Can't They Just Stop Eating?: Learning to treat obesity.
  • Blocking Rage!: For the past two decades, Ann Marie Schmidt, MD, has been leading the fight against this angry-sounding protein that triggers diabetes.

Additional Headlines:

  • Can Obesity Be Linked to Diabetes?
  • Another Danger of Secondhand Smoke: Hearing Loss
  • What Does the Nose Know?
  • Ten Years On: In the aftermath of 9/11, asthma and other conditions persist