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The Power of a Hybrid: New High-Tech Operating Room at NYU Langone Medical Center

State-of-the-Art Hybrid OR for Advanced Minimally Invasive Image-Guided Procedures

A new state-of-the-art hybrid operating room at NYU Langone Medical Center fuses the technology of a radiology suite with a standard operating room for advanced image-guided minimally invasive surgery.

A multidisciplinary team of surgeons, interventional radiologists, radiologists and technicians collaborate in the hybrid operating room to optimize surgical results. Surgeons can highly customize a surgical procedure in the hybrid operating room for each individual patient. In addition to minimally invasive surgery, doctors using the hybrid room have flexibility to perform open surgery.

Physicians in the hybrid operating room can leverage its built-in x-ray imaging and video-integrated technology for minimally invasive surgical procedures on organs, arteries and veins. These high-powered images of the surgical field are visible in 3-D on high-definition plasma monitors.

Minimally invasive cardiac, vascular and neurovascular surgery is performed on patients in the hybrid operating room. The OR room located on the 6th floor of Tisch Hospital at NYU Langone is comprised of a large operating room, control room, stationary x-ray technology, high-tech surgical table, three large high-definition plasma monitors, video cameras and three computer systems.

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