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NYU School of Medicine Class of 2019 Students Celebrate Match Day Results

Each year, fourth-year medical students across the country find out where they will begin their careers as doctors at a suspense-filled event known as Match Day. On Friday, March 15, NYU School of Medicine’s 178th class gathered with family, friends, and advisers at Riverpark in Manhattan, and learned their residency placement. All 148 graduating students who applied to a residency matched.

Matches are made through a mutual selection process, with students and residency programs each ranking their preferences. Using that data, a computer algorithm generates a match where there is a fit. The process is run by the National Resident Matching Program.

Match Day represents a significant milestone in the career of a medical student. On this day, the years of demanding curricula, clinical rotations, and in some cases, many months spent traveling the country for rigorous residency interviews, come to an end.

Medical Student Cordelia Marcela Orillac

Cordelia Marcela Orillac is all smiles after opening her Match Day results.

“My mentors and advisors at NYU School of Medicine have been the cheerleaders for my life, both professionally and personally,” says Cordelia Marcela Orillac, a fourth-year student whose background inspired her to pursue a career in neurosurgery. “I would have made the decision to come to NYU School of Medicine a million times over. I can’t imagine myself at any other medical school.” Orillac serves as class president for the class of 2019, president of the Student Advisory Interest Group in neurology and neurosurgery, and was a 2019 Alpha Omega Honor Society inductee.

Medical Students Embracing

NYU School of Medicine students embrace after learning where they matched on Match Day 2019.

Members of NYU School of Medicine’s Three-Year MD Pathway, an accelerated track for a select group of eligible students, were spared the Match Day suspense because they were guaranteed acceptance into a residency program at NYU Langone Health at the time of their school admission.

“What was really exciting about the three-year degree program was the fact that, in the end, I knew I’d be able to stay at NYU Langone for my residency program,” says C. Austen Hartwell, a three-year MD program student. “I love the school, the people who work here, and the entire community.”

Medical Student Anthony Melendez

Anthony Melendez celebrates his Match Day results with his family and advisors.

“NYU School of Medicine has a great track record of placing its students at remarkably strong residency programs,” says Linda R. Tewksbury, MD, associate dean of student affairs at NYU School of Medicine. “We’re so proud and excited for all of the students who matched with such amazing programs around the country and at NYU Langone Health.”

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