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At NYU Langone’s Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, urologic surgeons, medical oncologists, imaging specialists, and urologic pathologists work together to diagnose and treat people who have bladder cancer.

With one of the largest bladder cancer research programs in the United States, NYU Langone physicians draw upon the latest research to offer the newest approaches to care. These include the most modern diagnostic imaging techniques, such as PET/MRI scans, and robotic-assisted surgery, which is associated with shorter recovery times.


At NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, we personalize the care of every patient.More About Perlmutter Cancer Center

CLINICAL TRIALS and Research Studies

Our teams of physicians and scientists work together across multiple disciplines to bring our patients the most innovative clinical trials.Find a Clinical Trial

NYU Langone physicians are leaders in the development of the most sophisticated treatment for people with bladder cancer, and can provide access to clinical trials in which new approaches to care are being studied. Our specialists also provide an array of support services throughout treatment.

Treatment at NYU Langone

Depending on how advanced bladder cancer is, treatment may include surgery, such as endoscopic, partial, or complete removal of the bladder. Doctors may also recommend intravesical therapy, in which cancer-fighting medication is delivered directly to the bladder. Some people with bladder cancer also benefit from chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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