Our Approach To Arrhythmias in Children

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What Sets Us Apart

The experts at NYU Langone’s Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital specialize in diagnosing and treating babies and children from all over the world with arrhythmias. Arrhythmias are a group of conditions that cause the heart to beat too fast, too slow, or in an irregular way. Whether diagnosis and care begins while a baby is in the womb or during childhood, our pediatric heart experts focus on identifying treatments that can prevent symptoms from disrupting your child’s life.

When it’s needed, our doctors may call on other experts at NYU Langone, including rheumatologists and genetic counselors, who specialize in medical conditions that can affect heart rhythm.

Treatment at NYU Langone

Pediatric heart specialists at NYU Langone evaluate babies and children with signs of an arrhythmia as early as possible to ensure the condition does not pose an immediate threat to the child's health. Our doctors select treatments—including medication and minimally invasive procedures—to prevent the condition from interfering with everyday activities.

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