HIPAA Patient Privacy

Matters relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are collaboratively managed by the Office of Internal Audit, Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management and the Department of Information Security. To protect our patients’ privacy and confidentiality, NYU Langone Medical Center strives to ensure the security of protected health information (PHI). 

The departments implement policies and procedures to manage the acquisition, use, and disclosure of PHI; investigate privacy and security complaints and breaches; and provide regulatory guidance to members of the NYU Langone community to ensure that the Medical Center complies with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as its own policies. 

To report a compliance or HIPAA concern, please contact:

HIPAA Helpline: 877-PHI-LOSS or 877-744-5677. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in multiple languages.

HIPAA Online Form: Fill Out Online Form

Office of Internal Audit, Compliance, and Enterprise Risk Management: 212-404-4079

Policies and Forms

Notice of Privacy Practices
Policy - Complaints, No Retaliation, No Waiver of Rights
Policy - Designated Record Set
Policy - HIPAA Privacy Policies, Procedures, and Documentation
Policy - HIPAA Privacy Policy and Procedure Definitions
Policy - Restricting Disclosures to a Health Plan
Policy - Right to Inspect and Obtain PHI
Policy - Right to Request Additional Restrictions on Use and Disclosure of PHI
Policy - Right to Request an Accounting of Disclosures of PHI
Policy - Right to Request an Amendment
Policy - Right to Request Confidential or Alternative Communications
Policy - Use and Disclosure of PHI in the Patient Directory
Form - Breast Imaging Authorization Form
Form - Radiology Authorization Form
Form - Medical Center Authorization Form Release PHI
Form - Patient Directory Opt-Out Form
Form - Patient Request for an Accounting of Disclosures Form
Form - Patient Request to Inspect PHI Form
Form - Patient Request to Restrict Disclosures of PHI to an Insurer Form
Form - Patient Request to Restrict Uses and Disclosures of PHI Form
Form - Request to Amend PHI Form
Form - Patient Request for Confidential Communications of PHI Form