Edward A. Fisher, MD

  • Specialties: Preventive Cardiology, Cardiology
  • Language: English
  • Phone: 212-263-0855



  • Leon H. Charney Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Medicine
  • Professor, Department of Cell Biology
  • Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Board Certifications

  • AB Pediatrics - Pediatrics

Education and Training

  • 1982
  • Fellowship, Children's Hospital, Gasteoenterology
  • 1977
  • Residency, Duke University Hospital, Pediatric Medicine
  • 1975
  • MD from New York University


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60 Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Aetna HMO
  • Aetna Indemnity
  • Aetna Medicare
  • Aetna POS
  • Aetna PPO/EPO
  • Affinity
  • Affinity Exchange- Essential
  • Cigna EPO/POS
  • Cigna PPO
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield EPO
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy NY
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Indemnity
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield MediBlue
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield POS
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Pathways, Enhanced
  • HIP Access I
  • HIP Access II
  • HIP Child Health
  • HIP Family Health
  • HIP Medicaid
  • HIP Medicare
  • HealthPlus Child Health (Amerigroup)
  • HealthPlus Family Health (Amerigroup)
  • HealthPlus Medicaid (Amerigroup)
  • HealthRepublic
  • HealthSmart (WTC)
  • Humana Medicare
  • Local 1199 PPO
  • MagnaCare PPO
  • Medicare
  • MetroPlus Child Health
  • MetroPlus Exchange Plans
  • MetroPlus Family Health
  • MetroPlus Medicaid
  • MultiPlan/PHCS PPO
  • NYS Empire Plan
  • Oscar
  • Oxford Exchange
  • Oxford Freedom
  • Oxford Liberty
  • Oxford Medicare
  • Tricare
  • UPN Elite
  • United Exchange- Compass
  • UnitedHealthcare Community & State Plan
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  • WellCare Medicaid
  • WellCare Medicare
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NYULMC Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
530 1st Avenue, HCC, Suite 4F
New York, NY 10016


Phone: 212-263-0855

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My Research

Lipoprotein Metabolism; Atherosclerosis

My laboratory is involved in two major themes of research: 1. The cell biology of hepatic lipid and lipoprotein metabolism: Atherogenic lipoproteins contain apoprotein B (apoB) and cholesteryl esters. The net production of apoB is determined not at the level of synthesis, but at the level of intracellular, pre-secretory, degradation. My lab has been the first to demonstrate a non-proteasomal pathway of apoB degradation regulated by dietary fatty acids, a process that may also be regulated by insulin. Importantly, this non-proteasomal pathway may be dysregulated in insulin-resistance (such as seen in adults, and, unfortunately, a growing number of adolescents, with type II diabetes or obesity) and, thereby, contribute to the over-production of atherogenic lipoproteins that increase the risk of coronary artery disease in these metabolic states. To further pursue the proteasomal and non-proteasomal regulation of apoB degradation, my laboratory is using cell and molecular biological approaches on experimental models as diverse as cell-free systems and tissue-specific knockout mice. 2. The molecular biology of vascular diseases. My laboratory is also interested in the molecular factors that regulate the progression and regression of atherosclerotic plaques, a disease process now known to begin in childhood. This research relies on mouse models of atherosclerosis and current projects focus on: the regression of plaques after the normalization of hyperlipidemia; the effects of HDL on plaque progression and regression; To get at the molecular levels that regulate changes induced by the various experimental conditions in specific arterial wall cell types, his laboratory has pioneered the use of laser capture microdissection to isolate plaque macrophages in order to study gene expression. Recently, by using novel mouse models developed by us and our collaborators and these powerful techniques, my laboratory has published reports that foam cells can leave plaques during regression and they require dendritic cell properties for this emigration. We also have an active collaboration in the imaging of atherosclerosis in living mice. With Dr. Zahi Fayad at Mount Sinai, we have recently shown that HDL particles can be converted to nanoplatforms to deliver MRI enhancing agents to plaques to better visulaize them. Our goal is to adapt these particles for molecular imaging purposes.


  • Cholesterol Loading Reprograms the miR-143/145-Myocardin Axis to Convert Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells to a Dysfunctional Macrophage-Like Phenotype

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  • Lipolysis, and not hepatic lipogenesis, is the primary modulator of triglyceride levels in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice

    Willecke, Florian; Scerbo, Diego; Nagareddy, Prabhakara; Obunike, Joseph C; Barrett, Tessa J; Abdillahi, Mariane L; Trent, Chad M; Huggins, Lesley A; Fisher, Edward A; Drosatos, Konstantinos; Goldberg, Ira J 2015 Jan; 102-110, Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, & vascular biology — id: 1448462, year: 2015, page: 102, stat: Journal Article
  • A regulator of secretory vesicle size, kelch-like protein 12, facilitates the secretion of apolipoprotein b100 and very-low-density lipoproteins--brief report

    Butkinaree, Chutikarn; Guo, Liang; Ramkhelawon, Bhama; Wanschel, Amarylis; Brodsky, Jeffrey L; Moore, Kathryn J; Fisher, Edward A 2014 Feb; 251-254, Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, & vascular biology — id: 740952, year: 2014, page: 251, stat: Journal Article
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