Perlmutter Cancer Center Survivorship Program

At Perlmutter Cancer Center, we understand that the end of treatment does not signal the end of cancer’s impact on your life. The effects can linger, and they can be both physical and emotional.

Dr. Marleen Meyers with Patient and Caregiver

Dr. Marleen Meyers counsels a patient and caregiver during an appointment.

Our Survivorship Program connects you with the support and services that can help you transition to life after cancer. Our program is led by Dr. Marleen Meyers and supported by nurse practitioners and other nurses, social workers, registered dietitians, and integrative health specialists.

The Survivorship Plan

After treatment has ended, a nurse practitioner talks with you about challenges you may encounter and ways you can optimize wellness.

If you smoke, we can refer you to the Tobacco Cessation Program. Our nutritionists can help you adopt a healthy eating plan, so you can feel your best while reducing your risk of illness. If you need physical rehabilitation or want to start an exercise program, experts at Rusk Rehabilitation can help.

Cancer can affect your relationships with others. Our social workers can help with issues related to intimacy, family dynamics, and financial challenges. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, fear, or any difficult emotions following treatment, we can refer you to a therapist for counseling. If starting a family is your goal, we can connect you with NYU Langone Fertility Center doctors.

We also help with the short term and long term side effects of cancer treatment. This may include using conventional remedies as well as acupuncture, massage, and other integrative health treatments. If you have difficulty remembering things or processing information, we can connect you with a neuropsychologist who can help.

We also host programs, classes, and special events related to survivorship.

Contact Us

The Survivorship Program is available to all current and former Perlmutter Cancer Center patients. Many services are free or covered by insurance. To learn more about our offerings, please contact your oncologist.

More information on survivorship programs for children is available through the Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.