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Concussion Center

Our expert team provides the medical and rehabilitation support you need to recover from a head injury.

Concussions are one form of traumatic brain injury that can lead to long-term consequences if not treated properly. They can happen anytime: a teen takes a tough hit during a football game, an older adult falls and hits his or her head, or a driver suffers whiplash during a car accident. If you’ve experienced a concussion, getting the right treatment can help you recover quickly and more completely.

When you choose the team at NYU Langone’s Concussion Center, we shepherd you through the entire treatment process. Your journey may start with our emergency room experts or during your initial meeting with our medical leaders in neurology, sports medicine, or physical medicine and rehabilitation. 

We conduct a thorough examination to check your vision, hearing, balance, and coordination. We also perform cognitive testing to determine if your memory or concentration skills have been affected. Depending on the severity of your injury, our doctors may recommend a CT or MRI scan, which will be thoroughly reviewed by our neuroradiologists to determine the extent of possible damage to the brain. 

Following your medical assessment, we develop a treatment plan that may include connecting you with the specialists who can best help you in your recovery. But we don’t just tell you what the next steps are in your recovery; we help you get there. 

Our program manager is dedicated to helping you make those appointments and access care in a timely manner. Whether you need to see a neurosurgeon, otolaryngologist, psychiatrist, or sleep medicine expert, or receive psychological services from our experts at Rusk Rehabilitation or the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, we can facilitate that. We also can coordinate your rehabilitation care through Rusk Rehabilitation’s staff of psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational, physical, or vestibular rehabilitation therapists. 

And because we want you to be fully educated about your injury and your treatment plan, our program manager answers any questions you or your family have about your care. 

We are committed to delivering the most advanced medical treatment to our patients, while also providing the support you need to achieve a full recovery. 

Our Team

Our experts in neurology, orthopaedics, and sports medicine work together to create personalized care plans for our patients.

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Our Leadership

  • Laura J. Balcer, MD
    Co-Director | Neurology

    Dr. Balcer is professor and vice chair of the Department of Neurology at NYU Langone. She has advanced training in neuro-ophthalmology and a master’s degree in clinical epidemiology from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research has been published in dozens of medical journals, including Neurology, Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology, and the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.

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  • Dennis A. Cardone, DO
    Co-Director | Sports Medicine

    Dr. Cardone is a fellowship-trained and board-certified specialist in pediatric and adult sports medicine. He is chief medical officer for the Public Schools Athletic League, which manages sports competition for the New York City Department of Education. He is also team physician for New York University and Long Island University.

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  • Steven R. Flanagan, MD
    Co-Director | Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation

    Dr. Flanagan joined NYU Langone in 2008 as the Howard A. Rusk Professor and Chair of Rehabilitation Medicine and medical director of Rusk Rehabilitation. He has received the Brain Injury Association of New York State Champion of Hope Award for his outstanding dedication to patient care and rehabilitation from the effects of traumatic brain injury. Dr. Flanagan serves on numerous medical advisory boards, including the Brain Trauma Foundation and the Brain Injury Association of New York State.

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  • MS

    Mara F. Sproul, RN, MPA, CRRN, RN-BC
    Program Manager

    Ms. Sproul is a registered nurse with more than 18 years of experience in rehabilitation, pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiology, and nursing administration. In her role, she is responsible for day-to-day interactions with patients and facilitates all aspects of their clinical care.