Marsha A. Harris, MD

  • Specialties: General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery
  • Languages: English, Russian, Spanish
  • Phone: 212-696-5411

About Me

Conditions and Treatments

minimally invasive surgery, colorectal surgery, colon cancer, gastrointestinal surgery, colon and rectal surgery



  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Colon & Rectal Surgery - Colon & Rectal Surgery
  • American Board of Surgery - Surgery

Education and Training

  • 2007
  • Residency, New York University, General Surgery
  • 2002
  • MD from New York University


Locations and Appointments

46 Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Aetna HMO
  • Aetna Indemnity
  • Aetna Medicare
  • Aetna POS
  • Aetna PPO/EPO
  • Cigna EPO/POS
  • Cigna PPO
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield EPO
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy NY
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Indemnity
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield MediBlue
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield POS
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Pathways, Enhanced
  • HIP Access I
  • HIP Access II
  • HIP Child Health
  • HIP Family Health
  • HIP Medicaid
  • HIP Medicare
  • HealthRepublic
  • Local 1199 PPO
  • MagnaCare PPO
  • MetroPlus Child Health
  • MetroPlus Exchange Plans
  • MetroPlus Family Health
  • MetroPlus Medicaid
  • MultiPlan/PHCS PPO
  • NYS Empire Plan
  • Oscar
  • Oxford Exchange
  • Oxford Freedom
  • Oxford Liberty
  • Oxford Medicare
  • United Exchange- Compass
  • UnitedHealthcare EPO
  • UnitedHealthcare HMO
  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare
  • UnitedHealthcare POS
  • UnitedHealthcare PPO
  • UnitedHealthcare Top Tier
*Insurance listed above may not be accepted at all office locations. Please confirm prior to each visit. The information presented here may not be complete or may have been changed.

Colon and Rectal Surgery of Manhattan, P.C.
251 East 33rd Street, Suite 2N
New York, NY 10016


Phone: 212-696-5411

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