Donating Your Eggs

NYU Langone’s Fertility Center is actively recruiting women aged 21 to 32 of all ethnicities to serve as egg donors for women who are unable to achieve pregnancy using their own eggs. 

To be considered as a donor, you must first fill out an application that includes detailed medical information about you and your immediate family. If you pass our initial application process, you are asked to go through extensive screening that includes psychological testing and medical exams. 

If you are approved, you undergo a medical process very similar to the one women go through during in vitro fertilization. You receive hormone injections to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs, instead of the one egg usually produced during a normal menstrual cycle. 

Using ultrasound and blood tests, we monitor you daily to determine when your follicles have developed eggs. When the eggs ripen, they are retrieved. During a 10-minute procedure, you are sedated while a physician uses a special needle to reach through the vaginal wall and retrieve the eggs. We require that you have someone pick you up after the procedure to bring you home, and we recommend that you rest the next day.

Egg donation does carry a risk of side effects and complications that may include breast tenderness, fluid retention, bloating, moodiness, and tenderness in the ovaries. In rare situations, a donor may form ovarian cysts, blood clots, ruptured cysts, twisted ovaries, or hyperstimulation, a condition that causes enlarged ovaries and fluid in the abdomen.

Women who successfully donate eggs are entitled to $8,000 as compensation for their time and effort. The Fertility Center provides you with a 1099 tax form for the payment amount, as you are required to report the income to the Internal Revenue Service. 

To learn more about becoming an egg donor, call 212-263-0054 or fax 212-263-0059.