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The Table Food Pantry of the Family Health Centers at NYU Langone provides emergency food to over 5,000 people each month through a client-choice model, providing a variety of self-stable foods, fresh produce and dairy products. Participants are also connected to a continuum of wrap-around services, including access to SNAP food stamps and other benefits that will ensure long-term food security and support the health, stability and self-sufficiency of the entire family.

The Table is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a low-income community identified by the NYC Food Assistance Collaborative as an area with high food insecurity. Funding is especially critical in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, as many residents have lost employment and are turning to the Table in higher numbers. In recent weeks, the amount of families seeking food assistance has doubled. Adequate food is essential to keeping our community healthy and resilient in these turbulent times, and the Table has remained open through the crisis when many other pantries have closed their doors. Through modified service delivery, the Table is distributing packs of groceries and has increased the number of volunteers to ensure safe social distancing. The Table is also working with NYU Langone-Brooklyn hospital to supply packs of groceries to COVID-19 patients upon discharge from NYU Langone-Brooklyn hospital.

This important work is not possible without the strong commitment of community partners like you! The generous spirit of our stakeholders truly makes an impact, helping us bring critical support services to those in need. No matter what amount, our participants will benefit greatly from your gift - donate today!

This campaign supports: Coronavirus - FHC11


Donation in honor of Lauren Sands and James Ryan
Thank you for all you do to keep us safe and healthy!
Thank you Dr. Tara
Thank you. Just a band aid on a large wound of an unecessary societal problem, but thank you.
wish i could give more. this is an important program--people gotta eat!
This donation is in honor of NYU's Patient Navigation Center's amazing staff and our leadership team including Maria Rivas, Angie Perez, Glendy Mejia, Sandra Silvestre, Antonia Ferrer, Jackie Nay, Richard Akobi, and Tomasz Czeleko. Thank you all!
This is an important cause during difficult times for those who need it most.
Thank you for the work you're doing to help our Brooklyn neighbors
For Christmas our daughter in law Tara asked us to donate to a food pantry. We chose yours as you are helping many people and families in Sunset Park which is their neighborhood. All best wishes, Maureen and James Bringley (Illinois)
During a year in which we have seen so much suffering, making a donation in the name of the HR leadership team to help those members of our community in Brooklyn who are experiencing the devastating effects of food insecurity.
So great what you do! My friend Hunter Citrin has consistently spoken highly of The Table; I hope this small contribution can help others this holiday season.
In support of my amazing and talented friends!
Keep up the amazing work FSC team!
Thank you for feeding our emergency department patients!
I am proud of our Dear Friend Kathy for creating this convenient opportunity to help some of the many people in our community who continue to struggle more than ever during this pandemic.
G-D Bless
So proud of The Table's perseverance during this time to support our shared community in need.
So proud of fellow New Yorkers!
On behalf of the families of Greenacres Elementary School in Scarsdale, NY.
Thank you for all you do!
Keep doing what you are doing.
I am proud to have a connection with your efforts, through our dear friend Kathy and happy to have a means of helping to feed the far too many of our neighbors who are struggling to even feed their families.
Thanks for all your work, Diana!
Go team!
Keep up the amazing work FSC crew!!!!!!!
In loving memory of my mother Brigida
Thank you for sharing this important work, Kathy and Sue! You are public health heroes!
Stay strong and hopeful Brooklyn!
Thank you for all you are doing!
Such great work - thanks, Kathy and FHC colleagues!
Keep up the great work. Thank you for serving our community!
Keep up your good work. It is greatly appreciated ❤️
Thank you for servicing our community. Stay hopeful and be well.
Thank you for all you do to get many of us through this difficult time.
Very inspiring presentation today, Kathy. Give my thanks to all the staff at the FSC.
Thank you to Kathy Hopkins who gave a moving presentation at the NYUSoM Department of Population Health Town Hall. You are all doing amazing work and making the our corner of the world a much better place. Stay well and stay safe.
Thank you for this important work
Full of respect and gratitude for the work you are doing!
Thank you for all of the work that you are doing.
Such incredible work by the Table Food Pantry - I'm incredibly impressed with your efforts to serve the community.
Thank you for your work with the Table Food Pantry. I am in awe of the work of Kathy Hopkins and her team.
Thank you for the great work you are doing!
Your help , support , courage, love & kindness has helped so many through this difficult time and I truly thank you for all what you are doing .
In solidarity. God Bless.
Thank you Diana Fleisher of the KiDS ED for all your hard work on this fund-raising project!
Thank you for your kindness and dedication in the face of this pandemic
Thank you for your kindness and dedication in the face of this pandemic
Keep up the amazing work!
THANK YOU to the people on the frontline. Amazing, with all you do, you also make the effort to provide ongoing care to your patients. BRAVO. I think Dr. Lorna Breen exemplifed this. Please be careful and take care of yourselves, too.
Thank you for all that you do!
The Table team: Thanks for your critical work!
Thank you for your work and compassion and for making it possible for us to share in this endeavor
I am so impressed with The Table's efforts to meet the growing demands of our community - remaining open during this crisis and working to serve more than ever! Thank you to all the staff and volunteers for your hard work!
Food is a human right.
Thank you for helping people in need!
Thank you, Sue, for letting us know about the work of pantry in Brooklyn!
Sue, thanks for all you do to make the world a better place!
Thanks for this great work!
Thank you for this important initiative in my neighborhood!
Thank you for this opportunity to contribute. Food pantries are more essential than ever.
Great Work!! Thank you!
With deep appreciation for this important work!

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