Vulnerable Brain Project at NYU by Dr. William Slater and Investigators

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Vulnerable Brain Project at NYU by Dr. William Slater and Investigators

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We launched the Vulnerable Brain Project to better understand the neurochemistry of brain disorders that afflict vulnerable young people, specifically eating disorders, addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and autism spectrum disorders. Research funding has been drastically reduced in the current era, and private philanthropy has become crucial to conduct basic and clinical research in the mental health realm.

Three world-class investigators – Joseph LeDoux, Elizabeth Phelps, and Catherine Hartley - at the Emotional Brain Institute (EBI) of NYU comprise the core VBP research team. Their collaborative work seeks to understand how the brain detects and responds to perceived threats, and how the associated anxiety is processed.

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Vulnerable Brain Project at NYU by Dr. William Slater and Investigators
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keep the good work going
Good luck to Dr Slater and his Team for the wonderful work they are doing
Thank you for undertaking this work on such an important topic. With news today of the anxiety related recommendation by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the potential for wide-spread positive impact from your work is quite evident!
Bill; it's a pleasure to support a fine cause. Good luck with your research! Judy and Norby Weissberg
Dear Dr. Slater, Great work. Thank you. Best regards, Ronnie and Marty Foont
You're doing great work!
Continue the great work Dr. Slater!
Lloyd and I think of you often, Dr. Slater. We wish you a most successful fundraiser. We will see you soon. Things are getting much tougher for Lloyd these days. Ronnie Siegel
I'm pleased to support this important area of research that will deepen our understanding of these complex psychological and neurological conditions.

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