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NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Section for Global Health leads the AMPATH Consortium of academic health centers in the AMPATH Ghana partnership with the University for Development Studies School of Medicine (UDS SOM), Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH), and other affiliated institutions in Ghana. This partnership works towards mutually beneficial outcomes for all partners—improving the health and well-being of people in communities in and around Tamale, Ghana; educating tomorrow’s medical experts worldwide; and jointly researching breakthroughs that will inform improvements in population health around the world.

AMPATH: Long-term, equitable partnerships hold the key to improving health around the world.

Enhancing Access to Essential, Equitable, and Sustainable Health Services

With a population of over 30 million people, Ghana is a middle-income country and one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. Ghana has a uniform public sector healthcare system, a well-established administrative structure for the supervision of medical education, and overall high quality medical care. However, there remain disparities with respect to the geographic distribution of medical resources, which are mostly concentrated in the southern regions of the country. Ghana is in the process of extending these systems to the more rural and remote northern regions of the country. AMPATH Ghana will leverage the strengths of Ghana’s existing healthcare system and serve as a resource to Ghana’s health and education leaders as they expand this system to communities in and around Tamale. There are endless opportunities for AMPATH Ghana projects and programs to improve the health of Ghanaians and populations around the world.

Increasing equity

 Foster the retention of doctors and healthcare workers in the northern regions.

Improving access

Extend comprehensive healthcare services to communities in rural areas.

Identifying priorities

Engage local stakeholders to improve population health and development priorities.

The AMPATH Ghana Partnership

AMPATH Ghana will utilize the many resources available at a vibrant academic health center to serve as a resource to the country’s Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, and local public health leaders. A core team of faculty and staff from NYU Langone and other academic institutions will develop and strengthen an accessible, integrated health care system that responds to the priorities of the population while also supporting research and medical education. Three main areas of the AMPATH Ghana partnership guide the work:


Creating sustainable health care systems along with economic independence


Educating tomorrow’s health leaders who serve in and strengthen institutions


Creating new breakthroughs in health, equity, and justice worldwide

AMPATH Ghana at NYU Langone is grateful for the support of the philanthropic community. Your gift to support and expand the program is invaluable and truly appreciated. We thank you in advance for your generous contribution.



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Thank you for your good work in Ghana!
Hope this helps towards the ultrasound!
So proud of all the important and good work that you do, Amanda.
Our pleasure to support this worthy cause.
Happy to support this very worthwhile cause.
In honor of a lady who is making a real contribution to global health!
Amanda-continue the good work !!!
Happy to support the work of AMPATH Ghana.
Thank you for all of the great work that AMPATH Ghana is doing!

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