Research Report 2011

Research Report 2011

iCubed: A new initiative at NYU School of Medicine explores how inflammation, infection, and immunity work together to propel and sustain the disease process. Uniting researchers from multiple departments and disciplines, the initiative is yielding insights into autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and arthritis, and other common conditions, that could lead to new therapies, diagnostics, and prevention strategies.

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Over the last few decades there has been an increasing realization that inflammation is the primary culprit in a host of diseases ranging from cancer and heart disease to Alzheimer’s. The realization that inflammation drives disease has created an urgent need to understand its complex interconnections with immunity and infection. iCubed is a new initiative that explores these complex interactions. Today, NYU School of Medicine researcher scientists are advancing the understanding of how these three biological protagonists contribute to disease; their insights could yield new therapies for diseases that affect millions of people.

iCubed Collaborations

NYU School of Medicine scientists at NYU Langone Medical Center are deeply involved in all three components of iCubed. 

  • Restoring the Immune System’s Brakes in Diabetes. Adrian Erlebacher, MD, PhD, Alan Frey, PhD, and Juan José LaFaille, PhD
  • Geographic Clues to Behçets. Yusuf Yazici, MD
  • Changing Bacterial Communities May Spur Cancer. Zhiheng Pei, MD, PhD, Jiri Zavadil, PhD, Constantin Aliferis, MD, PhD
  • A Bathhouse Setting to Study HIV. Demetre Daskalakis, MD
  • How “Good” Cholesterol May Resolve Plaques. Kathryn Moore, PhD, Carlos Fernandez-Hernando, PhD, Edward Fisher, MD, PhD
  • Natural Antibodies Fight Inflammation. Gregg Silverman, MD
  • A Bacterial Basis for Arthritis? Steven B. Abramson, MD, Dan R. Littman, MD, PhD, Jose U. Scher, MD
  • Parasitic Worms Quell Colitis. P’ng Loke, PhD
  • How an Ancient Foe, TB, Subverts Immunity. Jennifer A. Phillips, MD, PhD, Joel Ernst, MD, Heran Darwin, PhD
  • Directing the Immune System’s Traffic. Susan Schwab, PhD
  • In 9/11 Aftermath, Continuing High Rates of Asthma. Denise Joy Harrison, MD, Juan José Lafaille, PhD

Topics Include: New research faculty; research funding; high-impact published research; honors.