Research Report 2008

Research Report 2008

re:search: Introducing NYU Langone’s six new Centers of Excellence in research and clinical care, plus profiles of 10 of our outstanding scientists and their work.

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Our search for knowledge to alleviate human suffering continues with the unabated passion that has distinguished this medical center for more than a century. Today, we intensify our search with this further determination: to bring the brilliance of our scientists and clinicians together in a culture of excellence and collaborative investigation that will not only spark new ideas and discoveries, but more swiftly translate into new ways to treat patients and prevent disease in our community and the world.

Introducing Our New Centers of Excellence:

  • Center of Excellence on Addiction | Loosening the Grip of Addictive Disorders
  • Center of Excellence on Brain Aging and Dementia | Fighting the Scourge of Alzheimer's Disease on All Fronts
  • Center of Excellence on Multiple Sclerosis | Bringing New Hope to the Study and Treatment of MS
  • Center of Excellence on Musculoskeletal Disease | Joint Effort Against Degenerative Musculoskeletal Disease
  • Center of Excellence on Cancers of the Skin | Seeking New Ways to Fight Skin Cancer
  • Center of Excellence on Urological Diseases | Revolutionizing the Treatment of Common Urological Diseases

Profiles of Ten Scientists:

Michele Pagano, MD, Crossing Borders
Susan Zolla-Pazner, PhD, A Hairpin Turn
Tung-Tien Sun, PhD, Getting to the Root of the Matter
Judith S. Hochman, MD, Changing Hearts and Minds
F. Xavier Castellanos, MD, The Brain Pediatrician
Jane Carlton, PhD, Hooked on Parasites
Mark Philips, MD, Traffic Patterns
Joan Reibman, MD, A Particle of Difference
Wen-Biao Gan, PhD, A Window on the Living Brain
Evgeny A. Nudler, PhD, Pioneer on Myriad Frontiers

Topics Include: Research Funding; published research; new research faculty; recognition