NYU Physician: Winter 2012-2013

NYU Physician: Winter 2012-2013

Missing a Crucial Target: Biopsies for Prostate Cancer Often Overlook Dangerous Lesions

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Inside This Issue

  • Missing a Crucial Target: Biopsies for prostate cancer often overlook dangerous lesions.
  • Hitting the Bulls-Eye in Prostate Cancer: New imaging techniques distinguish deadly lesions.
  • The Truth About Low Testosterone: How can patients and physicians sort out the science from the hype?
  • The Male Biological Clock: The risks of fathering a child later in life.
  • Neuroscience and the Love Song of Finches: A neuroscientist learns how zebra finches perfect their love song and makes some surprising discoveries about how neurons hook up.

Additional Headlines:

  • The Balm After the Storm
  • Q & A with Richard Novick
  • Dean’s Honors Day