NYU Physician: Fall 2010

NYU Physician: Fall 2010

Six Kids and the Special Care They Needed

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Inside This Issue

  • Change of Heart: Sometimes babies are born with arteries that arise from the wrong places.
  • In Pediatric Surgery, Less is More: Minimally invasive surgery, once reserved for adults, is now for children, too.
  • It’s About More Than How You Look: Repairing cleft lip and palate.
  • Life on a Bubble: Growing up with HIV.
  • Back in the Game: Coming back from a brain hemorrhage.
  • Staying Healthy: School-based clinics make a difference.

Additional Headlines:

  • The Case of the One-Sided Clock
  • Tracking Early-Onset Alzheimer’s
  • Tanning Salon Rays Linked to Melanoma
  • New Clues to Elusive HIV Vaccine