Perlmutter Cancer Center 2016 Year in Review

Perlmutter Cancer Center 2016 Year in Review

A New Era: Our 2016 Year in Review highlights our bold advances in redefining cancer research and care.

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Inside This Issue

2016 was a whirlwind year of unprecedented growth at Perlmutter Cancer Center. Over the past year, we recruited nearly a dozen experienced physician-scientists and promising young faculty to our team. Paired with this influx of new talent, we increased the number of interventional clinical trials available to our patients by nearly 50 percent. Because of this, our patients participated in some of the most innovative immunotherapy clinical trials to date, including several that have rapidly changed the treatment paradigms for bladder cancer and melanoma. And thanks to our expanded geographic footprint across New York City and Long Island, we provided world-class cancer care to even greater patient population, which is one of the largest and most diverse in the nation.

Highlights of our annual report include:

  • New Recruits: Top-Tier Talent Redefines the Future of Cancer Care
  • Clinical Trials Program: Expanding Exploration of Tomorrow’s Treatments
  • Breast Cancer: New Paths Toward More Effective Treatment
  • Melanoma: Spearheading Immunotherapy Options for Patients
  • Pancreatic Cancer: Mining Its Secrets
  • Prostate Cancer: Experience and Evidence Form Foundation of Care
  • Bladder Cancer: Immunotherapy Changes Treatment Paradigm
  • Kidney Cancer: Conservation Surgery Comes of Age
  • Brain Tumor Center: New Genetic Clues Unlock Targeted Treatments
  • Radiation Oncology: Cross-Disciplinary Expertise Results in Innovative Therapies
  • Education and Training: Physician-Scientists Lay Their Foundations