NYU Langone Urology 2014 Year in Review

NYU Langone Urology 2014 Year in Review

Innovations in Genitourinary Imaging, Treatment, and Research: Our 2014 Year in Review highlights our team’s extraordinary advances for patients.

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Inside This Issue

Our urology team continues to achieve extraordinary advances for patients and shared best practices with other professionals from the U.S. and around the world. Building on a tradition of innovation, our team of dedicated healthcare professionals, scientists, and educators strive to achieve excellence one patient, one experiment, and one lecture at a time.

Highlights from our annual report include:

  • Quality of Life: Studies Shed Light on Long-Term Quality of Life after Radical Prostatectomy
  • Prostate Cancer Imaging: New Techniques Aid Prostate Cancer Detection and Treatment
  • Voiding Dysfunction: Screening Tool Identifies MS Patients with Incontinence
  • Robotics: Expanding Options for Men and Women with Complex Urologic Conditions
  • Examining and Improving Prostate Cancer Care: Balancing Cost and Quality
  • Research Initiatives
  • Education Programs