NYU Langone Gastroenterology & GI Surgery 2014 Year in Review

NYU Langone Gastroenterology & GI Surgery 2014 Year in Review

Advancing Research, Options, Tools, and Techniques: Our 2014 Year in Review includes the implementation of more effective options in screening, prevention, and diagnosis.

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Inside This Issue

At NYU Langone, our gastroenterologists and GI surgeons continue to work collaboratively to help forge a better future with more effective options in the screening, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of esophageal, gastric, hepatic, pancreatic, intestinal, and colorectal diseases. Our evaluation of the latest scientific and technological advances leads us to optimal diagnostic and treatment options for our patients.

When treatment is needed, we offer the most advanced interventions—from newly approved medical therapies to innovative, minimally invasive endoscopic and surgical technologies and techniques—and clinical trials that may provide even more promising options.

Highlights of our annual report include:

  • Human Microbiome: Cultivating Insights
  • Colon Cancer: Reducing a Preventable Burden
  • Liver Disease: New Hope for Those at Risk
  • Esophageal Disease: New Detection Tools and Advanced Therapies
  • Pancreatic Disease: Fighting a Difficult Disease on Every Front
  • Research Initiatives
  • Education Programs