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NYU School of Medicine Class of 2016 Students Look to the Future with Match Day Results

On Friday, March 18, members of the 175th class of the NYU School of Medicine gathered with family and friends to open the envelopes containing the name of the medical institution where the next chapter of their careers as doctors will take them.

NYU School of Medicine Students With Match Letters

NYU School of Medicine students display their Match Day letters.

The days leading up to Match Day are filled with anxiety and nervousness as the medical students wait to learn their fate. During this time, students reflect on the significant milestone Match Day serves in their career. The students’ years of demanding curricula, clinical rotations, and months of traveling the country for rigorous residency interviews come to an end with feelings of accomplishment and enthusiasm as they learn where they matched.

Cary Blum and Wife with Match Letter

Cary Blum, an MD/MPA candidate, poses with his wife after opening his match letter.

“This is a big moment,” said Cary Blum, a fifth-year MD/MPA dual degree candidate. “It’s nerve-wracking, but I’m excited and optimistic about my first real job as a physician. No matter where we end up, our class can be confident that the NYU School of Medicine has given us the tools and training we need to take this next step.”

NYU School of Medicine Students on Match Day

NYU School of Medicine students are all smiles after learning where they matched on Match Day 2016.

“Match Day is an exciting occasion at the culmination of three to five years of medical education, training, and research preparing our medical students for their clinical residencies,” says Lynn Buckvar-Keltz, MD, associate dean of student affairs at NYU School of Medicine. “Here at NYU School of Medicine we take pride in our students matching at the programs of their choice around the country.”

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