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NYU Langone Medical Students Find Their Perfect Match

The third Friday of March traditionally bears the moniker Match Day at medical schools across the country. But it’s something of a “getaway day” as well for thousands of medical students nationwide who learn where the next chapter of their careers as doctors will take them.

Medical Student and Friend at Match Day

Darien Sutton-Ramsey waits with a friend for his match results.

On Friday, March 20, 2015, members of the 173rd class of the NYU School of Medicine gathered together to open the envelopes containing the name of the academic medical institution – and the new address – where they will serve their post-graduate residency training.

Although this day brought feelings of accomplishment and enthusiasm, the days leading up to “the Match” were filled with anticipation and anxiety. The day serves as a milestonethe culmination of four years of demanding curricula, clinical rotations, and months of traveling the country for rigorous residency interviews. But it also brings to an end weeks of nervousness as the medical students wait to learn their fate.

Medical Students Wait for Residency Match

Robert Spencer, Sumit Kumar, and Chana Rich wait to learn their match.

In a practice not too uncommon with online dating sites, students and residency programs are matched according to each other’s preferences. The process attempts to ensure that each training position filled is a perfect fit.

Dr. Jeffrey Manko and Dr. Mark Hochberg at Match Day

Jeffrey Manko, MD, and Mark Hochberg, MD, pass out envelopes containing Match information.

Lynn Buckvar-Keltz, MD, associate dean of student affairs at NYU School of Medicine, said, “This is an exciting day for medical students across the country, and here at NYU we have an excellent record of students matching to their top choice programs, which makes us extremely proud.”

Medical Students at Match Day

Medical students Anthony Catanzano and Sareena George pose for a picture before learning their residency placements at Match Day.

Anthony Catanzano, one of the “fourth years” awaiting Match Day, said, “Regardless of where my classmates and I match, I am confident that the NYU School of Medicine has provided us with training that will allow us to excel not only as strong scientific physicians, but also as physicians who can connect with patients and provide compassionate medical care.”

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