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NYU Langone Medical Center Partners with Education Leader Kaplan, Inc., to Improve Patient Care and Save Lives

Partnership Launches with Interactive Medical Education Module for Postpartum Hemorrhage, a Common Cause of Maternal Death in Developed Countries

NYU Langone Medical Center and Kaplan, Inc., a world-renowned leader in the educational services industry, today formally announced the launch of a new partnership focused on creating a series of  online training modules to educate medical professionals worldwide to improve rapid diagnosis and treatment – and ultimately save lives.

Principal work, already under way through this agreement, is to develop online, on-demand instructional tools, such as team-focused simulations, easily accessible in any healthcare setting. This interactive format is a unique training resource specifically designed for a multidisciplinary audience.

“This partnership combines the very best in academic medicine with the experience of a global leader in educational services,” said Thomas Riles, MD, associate dean for medical education and technology at NYU Langone and executive director of the NY Simulation Center for Health Sciences. “The Medical Center is committed to improving health for all, and we believe working with our colleagues at Kaplan helps us to further our reach.”

The pilot project, already under way, features training modules for the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), a condition that occurs when a woman’s uterus fails to contract normally following childbirth, resulting in potentially life-threatening bleeding. The material covered in the module is derived from guidelines established by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

According to Dr. Riles, “The pilot training program ensures that all providers who care for women in labor are equipped with the medical knowledge and teamwork skills necessary to effectively treat this obstetric emergency. This benefits physicians, nurses, patients, and their families, and helps decrease morbidity and mortality.”

NYU Langone chose PPH for the pilot project because symptoms can be identified early and, if treated appropriately, serious and sometimes fatal consequences can be prevented, such as massive transfusions, hysterectomies, and intensive care unit (ICU) admissions. Additionally, PPH is one of the most common causes of maternal death in developed countries, occurring in up to 5 percent of births.

The educational components of the pilot project were previously implemented at NYU Langone in 2012 as part of ongoing in-service education, and have impacted positively on patient outcomes. 

“We are very excited to be extending our expertise in learning science to help health care practitioners deliver improved patient outcomes,” said Greg Samios, president of health programs for Kaplan. “We recognize NYU Langone Medical Center's leadership in academic medicine and shared mission to improve quality of care, and couldn't be more pleased to collaborate with them. We look forward to supporting health practitioners through high-quality, interactive medical education training programs that improve patient outcomes and increase ROI for health systems.” As the program continues, additional clinical conditions will be selected.

NYU Langone has a rich history of developing leading technologies to enhance educational experiences, such as WISE-MD modules that illustrate the important principles related to the diagnosis and treatment of surgical illnesses, which is now used by more than 100 medical schools in North America.

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