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New Leader Named for Pediatric Orthopedics at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital of New York at NYU Langone

Pablo G. Castañeda, MD, an internationally renowned expert in pediatric and adolescent hip conditions, has joined Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital of New York at NYU Langone as its new chief of pediatric orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Castañeda—who also holds the academic title of professor of orthopedic surgery at NYU School of Medicine—is overseeing an aggressive expansion of pediatric orthopedics throughout Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital and its affiliated locations in the New York metropolitan area.

Dr. Pablo Castañeda

Dr. Pablo Castañeda

Prior to joining NYU Langone, he practiced for 10 years in Mexico City at both the Shriners Hospital for Children and the American British Cowdray Medical Center, where he also held the academic title of associate professor of orthopedic surgery at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

With a particular expertise in hip and pelvic disorders in children and adolescents, Dr. Castañeda treats patients with conditions such as Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease, slipped capital femoral epiphysis, and developmental hip dysplasia, a condition that is underdiagnosed and often leads to hip replacement relatively early in adult life.

One of his immediate steps since joining NYU Langone has been to establish a collaborative clinic with other faculty in the Division of Adult Reconstructive Surgery to identify and treat children and adolescents who will most benefit from early intervention and hip preservation treatments for conditions like dysplasia and juvenile arthritis.

“Dr. Castañeda’s unique clinical excellence and visionary leadership elevates the reputation of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital as one of the country’s top destinations for children with musculoskeletal conditions, especially those requiring coordinated care management from a multidisciplinary team,” says Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, the Walter A.L. Thompson Professor and chair of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Langone.

About Dr. Castañeda

Dr. Castañeda received his medical degree from Anahuac University in Mexico City and completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at National Autonomous University of Mexico. He also served a pediatric orthopedic surgery fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and in adult reconstructive hip and knee surgery and prosthetic design research at Nuffield Orthopedic Centre in Oxford, England.

An accomplished physician–researcher, Dr. Castañeda has published more than 40 scholarly papers, presented his research more than 70 times at medical meetings, and been the recipient of several awards for his work. He currently serves on the medical advisory board of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute; the board of the Mexican College of Orthopedics; and is a past president of the Mexican Society of Pediatric Orthopedics.

“We are building on existing strengths and enhancing our scope of care at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital to ensure that each patient we treat has the best chance at a full recovery,” Dr. Castañeda says. “Equally important, we want to expand our medical education, residency, and fellowship training in pediatric orthopedics so that the physicians of tomorrow will leave our program better trained, which will benefit patients and families for years to come.”

Pediatric Orthopedics at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital

Pediatric orthopedic surgeons at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital specialize in treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions, including limb length discrepancies, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus, and hand and upper extremity issues, as well as sports injuries, fractures, and hip preservation. Families who seek treatment at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital also have access to collaborative care from other specialists who aid in recovery, depending on diagnosis or any related conditions.

With the anticipated opening in 2018 of a new, state-of-the-art facility for Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, “It is a most opportune time to welcome Dr. Castañeda,” says Catherine S. Manno, MD,  the Pat and John Rosenwald Professor and chair of the Department of Pediatrics at NYU Langone. “Collaboration between pediatrics and orthopedic surgery is critical to advance our mission to provide multidisciplinary care for both routine and complex medical conditions that challenge families during the early, formative years of a child’s life.”

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