Our patients can schedule a COVID-19 vaccination through NYU Langone Health MyChart or the NYU Langone Health app. Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine. Read our updated information about wearing a mask for your visit, and our visitor policy.

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Urgent Care at NYU Langone at Trinity

At NYU Langone at Trinity, our board-certified physicians and physician assistants provide same-day doctor appointments and walk-in services for adults and children age 4 and older who have an urgent or immediate medical need that is not a life-threatening emergency. We do not offer COVID-19 testing at this location. NYU Langone has testing sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and on Long Island. Find a COVID-19 testing site.

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We provide online scheduling for our urgent care services so you can choose the most convenient time and location for your visit.

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Our team provides care for people with injuries and illnesses, from a cut that needs stitches to testing for strep throat. We diagnose and manage broken bones and provide medications for vomiting and dehydration. We also offer physical exams for camp, school, and pre-employment; travel vaccinations; testing for sexually transmitted infections; and intravenous (IV) treatment options, such as IV antibiotics for bacterial infections and IV fluids to help increase blood pressure and prevent dehydration.

Conditions managed by our doctors include the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, eye infections, skin infections and abscesses, asthma, migraines, and gastroesophageal reflux. We also treat people who have a fever, back pain, rashes, and allergies.

In addition, we provide referrals for substance abuse and mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Urgent care services performed at NYU Langone are covered by a variety of insurance plans.

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Physical Exams

We provide camp, school, and pre-employment physicals seven days a week for adults and children, and an appointment is not required. Please contact your primary care provider for an annual physical exam.

Injury Care

If you have a minor injury, including one that is due to a work-related incident, we provide on-site X-rays and lab testing. We treat people who have sprains and strains, sports injuries, fractures, burns, and lacerations. All casting, splinting, sutures, and wound care are performed by our board-certified physicians and physician assistants.

COVID-19 Testing

We do not offer COVID-19 testing at this location. NYU Langone has testing sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and on Long Island.

Find a COVID-19 Testing Site

Gynecologic and Urologic Care

Our physicians and physician assistants provide discreet testing and treatment of all gynecologic emergencies. This includes the treatment of vaginal infections and pregnancy testing. We also provide prescriptions and refills.

We care for women in the first trimester of pregnancy who are experiencing symptoms such as extreme morning sickness and dehydration.

We provide care to men and women who have urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids. We also offer testing for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

If you prefer a female physician, please call for an appointment.

Pediatric Urgent Care

Children age 4 and older are seen in a private, kid-friendly exam room. We treat conditions such as strep throat, asthma, croup, ear infections, sinus infections, and conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. We also provide nebulizer breathing treatments, ear wax removal, routine and travel vaccinations, and suturing and casting for cuts, sprains, and fractures.

Travel Medicine Services

We offer preventive medications and international travel vaccinations for all destinations, and we can help you figure out which vaccinations you need based on where you are going. Common vaccinations we offer include those for meningitis, polio, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, and typhoid. Our facility is designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a yellow fever vaccination site.

Laboratory and Imaging Services

Many laboratory services are available on-site, and some test results are ready in just minutes. Tests we perform include the following:

  • blood testing
  • a rapid complete metabolic panel to test for kidney and liver function
  • rapid creatine phosphokinase (CPK) testing to assess any damage to muscle tissue
  • amylase testing for pancreatitis
  • urinalysis
  • testing for the flu, HIV, strep throat, and mononucleosis

We also provide X-ray, ultrasound, and electrocardiogram (EKG) testing. An appointment or referral is not necessary.

Follow-Up Care

If your medical issue requires follow-up care with a primary care physician, gynecologist, or other specialist, we refer you to a doctor from our extensive network at NYU Langone. We can find the right doctor for you and help secure an early appointment.

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True emergencies, such as being in labor or experiencing chest pains, require an emergency care visit.

We are located inside NYU Langone at Trinity. Patients are seen on the second floor on weekdays from 8:00AM to 6:00PM, Saturdays from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, and Sundays from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. We are certified as an urgent care facility by the Urgent Care Association of America.

We accept many forms of insurance. If you do not have insurance, we accept private pay by credit card at the time of your visit.

Appointments are not necessary but are available. We honor appointments first, depending on the medical needs of our patients. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 646-461-2544.