Diagnosis & Treatment of Heart Valve Disease

At NYU Langone’s Heart Valve Center, you receive personalized care based on your individual needs. Our team is made up of doctors who specialize in different areas of cardiology, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive workup on your first visit, reducing the need for repeat trips. 

We offer multiple tests right here at the Heart Valve Center. These include echocardiograms, which use ultrasound to show how your heart valves are working. Our echocardiograms are read by Dr. Muhamed Saric, a world-renowned expert in this field. 

Many patients also require a CT scan, which uses X-ray imaging to create a view of the tissue in your heart. Some patients may need an angiogram, which shows the blood vessels in the heart itself. This is a minor procedure and typically requires an additional appointment. 

After recommended testing is complete, our experts collaborate to put together a customized treatment plan, always with your best interests in mind. Our team of heart valve specialists focuses on minimally invasive procedures to give you optimal results with less recovery time, which means you can typically return to your normal activities soon after treatment. 

Treatments for Aortic Valve Disease 

Aortic valve disease includes aortic valve stenosis and aortic valve regurgitation. We offer many treatment options for aortic valve disease, including surgery and transcatheter procedures

Treatments for Mitral Valve Disease

Mitral valve disease includes mitral valve regurgitation and mitral valve stenosis. We offer many treatment options for mitral valve disease, including mitral valve repair and transcatheter procedures.