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To help advance and support our family-centered culture, experts at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone and throughout NYU Langone collaborate to develop innovative approaches to promote partnership and learning among patients and their families, staff, trainees, and faculty through the Center for Education, Learning, and Innovation, part of the Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care.

We work to develop and improve systems that promote a family-centered culture and enable the rapid adoption and continual refinement of successful new practices. Much of our work toward these aims emanates from three additional integrated centers within the Sala Institute: the KiDS of NYU Foundation Center for Child and Family Resilience, the Center for Patient Safety and Quality, and the Center for Child and Family Experience.

The current focus within our center is the Family Engagement in Research Program, which seeks to optimize the child- and family-centeredness of research and its outcomes through standardization and evaluation of researcher and family advisor partnerships. In this program, we prepare researchers and family advisors for the important partnerships that are necessary to coproduce translational research from start to finish. This includes the concept stage, study design with outcomes and protocols, retention and recruitment, and data interpretation and dissemination to professional and lay audiences.

We are currently piloting these tools to promote family–researcher collaboration:

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