Summer Program for Kids

The Summer Program for Kids, a program of the Child Study Center, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, is the first evidence-based summer program in the New York metropolitan area to treat children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The program, established in 1997, provides social, academic, and recreational enrichment that helps prepare children for the upcoming school year.


Program Registration Postponed to 2022

Due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the 2021 session of the Summer Program for Kids has been cancelled. An update on enrollment is planned for January 2022. Please email Dr. Karen A. Fleiss at or call 516-358-1811 for more information.

The program takes place in Westchester County, New York. We host up to 30 children and their families from across the country and around the world. Over the past 23 years, we have successfully treated close to 900 families and have trained nearly 500 counselors.

Goals of the Program

Children at Child Study Center Summer Program for Kids

The Summer Program for Kids is designed to improve children’s self-esteem and addresses key components of a child’s life—home, academics, team sports, and recreation.

In the classroom setting, we target academic performance, improved behavioral functioning, and successful peer interactions by using instructive and peer educational methods.

During the recreational component, children learn good sportsmanship while improving their sports ability. They also learn rule following and frustration tolerance and build friendship skills during activities that include swimming, team sports, free choice time, and recess.

Once a week, parents attend training sessions on campus that are focused on specific behavioral strategies and ways to improve parent–child relations and home life.

Children who complete the Summer Program for Kids are eligible for our follow-up Fall Booster Program, an eight-session, twice monthly group program that begins in late fall. The program, led by Summer Program for Kids counselors, provides an opportunity for children to practice and reinforce the skills they learned in a small group setting. Using our weekly field trip model, children participate in fun outings with their peers and are coached to use the skills they learned, while having fun in a natural setting.

How to Enroll

A telephone screening is required before an application can be submitted. Please contact Dr. Karen A. Fleiss at or 516-358-1811 to schedule a phone screening.

About Our Staff

All camp counselors are graduate students and junior- and senior-level undergraduates who undergo an extensive behavioral therapy training program. There is one counselor for every one to two children.

Counselor and Young Boy Laughing at Child Study Center Summer Program for Kids

Counselors are supervised by clinical psychologists who carefully monitor the children’s progress and engagement, as well as work to ensure an overall positive experience. Our clinical psychologists are NYU Langone faculty members who treat children with ADHD. They oversee the specialized treatment and interventions used by our camp counselors. Our staff also includes a highly qualified consultant teacher and a licensed nurse.