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Health Fairs & Workplace Screenings

NYU Langone’s Center for Corporate Wellness gives your employees easy access to leading experts on a broad array of health topics. Our approach is flexible, allowing us to meet the needs of our diverse client base. We can bring our expertise to your workplace, or you can come to ours. 

Health Fairs 

Health fairs are an efficient and effective way to provide employees with a variety of helpful information and services in a short amount of time. In addition to health screenings, your employees can get educational materials at various booths and talk directly to NYU Langone health professionals.

Services available include our “Meet the Expert” information tables, massage therapy, reflexology, acupuncture, individual nutritional consultations, chair yoga, and more.

Health Screenings 

Illness prevention and early detection can help reduce absenteeism and expensive medical claims. Worksite health screenings can save your company and your employees the emotional and financial costs of medical conditions that go undetected. 

The Center for Corporate Wellness can conduct an array of screening programs at your offices to give employees confidential information about their health status and enable them to take informed actions to help prevent or manage illness.  

Depending on the screening test, results are either given in real time or sent to the employee’s home with a detailed explanation. 

Program prices vary based on the screenings selected, which include:

  • biometric screenings, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, lipid profile, diabetes, thyroid function, body composition, and waist circumference
  • asthma and allergy screening
  • cancer screening, including skin cancer, prostate cancer, and mammography with real-time readings
  • musculoskeletal screenings and assessments, including desk-side ergonomics, posture, podiatry evaluations for pre-existing conditions such as bunions and flat feet, and osteoporosis screenings
  • vision and glaucoma screening

Tests that require blood samples are processed by NYU Langone’s outpatient lab and reviewed by our clinical team. A letter explaining the screening results is sent to each participant.

Value-Added Services

The Center for Corporate Wellness continues to serve you and your employees when the program is over. First, employees finish the programs with new and actionable information about their health status. We provide resources identifying NYU Langone physicians and other clinical programs that offer additional diagnosis and treatment, as well as recommendations for any other follow-up services employees may require.

Second, we provide corporate decision-makers with a final summary report that uses measurable data from each program to illustrate the effectiveness of our screenings on employee wellbeing. The report provides statistical data about the number of employees who participated in the program and the type of outcomes that occurred in your employee population. All reports are confidential and contain no identifiable personal health information. Clients value these reports as business tools for evaluating the return on investment and employee satisfaction, and contain information that can serve as the basis for future programming.

For more information, please contact Barbara Fox, New Business Development, at 646-754-9302 or barbara.fox@nyulangone.org.