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A gift to scholarships ensures that we can offer world-class training to future leaders of medicine, regardless of their financial backgrounds.  

Tomorrow’s Medical Leaders Deserve a Chance to Thrive 

Medical students in the United States graduate with an average of $175,000 in student loans. This financial strain can force brilliant young minds to pursue fields outside their passions—a more lucrative specialty, a career other than medicine—just to avoid a lifetime of debt. To keep young talent in healthcare, tuition support must be awarded, not loaned. Scholarships guarantee that the best students will obtain the world-class education they need and deserve. 

With Your Help, We’re Making It Happen 

We’re making NYU School of Medicine a place where opportunities exist for every student with the ambition and innate ability to be a future leader of medicine—where the only limits on research and care are those of the imagination.

And we’re finding new ways to connect students to a world-class education. In addition to making more scholarship support available, our new three-year MD program is a full year shorter than is typical, reducing tuition by 25 percent by making it possible for students to avoid a year’s worth of debt. And our nationally recognized Institute for Innovations in Medical Education draws from the very best academic and training practices to ensure that we are always refining our teaching techniques to keep pace with cutting-edge medical practices.

Our efforts reaffirm our School’s commitment to the highest levels of academic excellence. We ranked No. 3 in the nation for research and No. 1 in New York according to the 2019 U.S. News & World Report “Best Graduate Schools” rankings.

The generosity of scholarship supporters means a great deal to our school, to our current and prospective students, and to the future of medicine.

Support for this Medical School Scholarships goes to the Raymond J. Brienza Scholarship Fund.

“The cost of medical school can deprive our profession—and those we serve—of entire cohorts of talented people. But we are building a robust scholarship program that enables many gifted, disadvantaged students to attend our School.”
Robert I. Grossman, MD, The Saul J. Farber Dean and CEO, NYU Langone

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