Covid-19 Employee Relief & Care

Keep our doctors, nurses, and so many others in the fight to end COVID-19.

Across New York City and throughout the nation, we are in awe of doctors, nurses, and other essential staff who are working around the clock in our hospitals to care for patients and their families. It is because of our people, that we are strong, agile, and resilient.

They take care of us, help us take care of them. The word ‘heroism’ is not an overstatement when looking at the enormity of the sacrifices our frontline staff are making in the face of COVID-19.  At this time it is paramount that we keep them well, safe, and close. And when they experience hardship in this crisis, it is crucial that we provide them and their families with the help they need to get back on their feet. 
Join us in caring for the people who are putting themselves and their loved ones at risk to care for the loved ones of others. Your support will:

  • Ensure a steady, continued supply of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment to keep clinical staff safe across our hospitals and clinics.
  • Safely provide workers with nutritious food on the frontlines, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week—which is when they work. 
  • Aid employees experiencing financial difficulty in the face of the pandemic. 
  • Send vetted and safe child or elder care to the homes of individuals who must be at the hospital.
  • Provide shelter near our hospitals to minimize transportation needs as well as risk to others in a household. 
  • Provide safe transportation where necessary.
  • Offer mental health services now and in the future for those on the front lines who need, or will need, extra support.  

A gift of any amount to support our faculty and staff at this time is profoundly meaningful, and will have a real impact on their work.

Official Online Fundraising Campaigns
Many in our community want to take action by raising awareness and much needed funds. Through our official online fundraising platform, you can create a campaign for Employee Relief and Care in just a few minutes. Campaigns are easy to share through email and social media, and all proceeds come directly to NYU Langone. Get started here

In-Kind Donations
We have been incredibly fortunate to receive numerous donations of personal protective equipment. While direct donations of money are most helpful, we also welcome in-kind donations of new, clean medical supplies including the following items:

  • Face Shield
  • Gown - Isolation
  • Gown - Surgical
  • Mask - N-95

If you wish to donate quality medical supplies, hotel rooms, or other items for our frontline employees and staff, please fill out a brief form that will help us get your donation to where it will make the biggest impact. 

Securities and Wire Transfers
Donating appreciated securities, including stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares, is a tax-effective way to make a gift to Employee Relief and Care. To get started, complete the Securities Transfer Form.

To transfer funds electronically from your bank account to NYU Langone Health, complete the Wire Transfer Form.

Thank You

The frontline heroes have inspired people and companies across the city and country to do what they can to help fight COVID-19. Thank you for generously giving to feed and protect our medical teams and researchers in this time of need.

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