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Your gift will help rising-star leaders in environmental science explore how the world around us influences critical health problems, including cancer, respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, and musculoskeletal ailments. 

The Environment Impacts Our Health
Each year, a staggering 13 million people lose their lives to diseases and disasters rooted in the environment, according to the World Health Organization. From pollution and food contaminants to pesticides and radiation, these threats severely impact health and wellbeing—particularly in impoverished and lower-income countries.

To drastically reduce environmental health risk factors and pave the way for improved prevention and treatments, scientists must undertake complex research that uncovers how pollutants damage or alter our genes.


"One hundred percent of donations go to student tuition and living expenses."

Cathy Klein, PhD Director, Environmental Health Science Graduate Program 

We’re Leading the Way
NYU Langone’s Institute of Environmental Medicine is one of the nation’s oldest and foremost programs dedicated to environmental science. 

Our master’s and PhD students—the next generation of national leaders in their field—conduct innovative research at our state-of-the-art facility in the Sterling Forest, 40 miles northwest of Manhattan. Our graduate programs apply rigorous scientific methodology to solve real-world environmental problems.

Thanks to philanthropy, all students attend at no cost—enabling them to focus intensively on environmental science without financial burden. 

Invest in the future of medicine and good health. Support the next generation of environmental research leaders today. 

For more information, please contact Michelle Gelber at 212-404-3938 or michelle.gelber@nyumc.org.

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