COVID-19 Response

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Your gift supports the greatest needs of patients with COVID-19, and of frontline teams and researchers as they work to combat—and ultimately end—this pandemic.


We at NYU Langone Health are deeply moved by the outpouring of support in the face of COVID-19, which helps our doctors, nurses, and other essential staff best care for New Yorkers and all the communities we serve.

With your help, we can fast-track life-saving ventilators to patients in intensive care, get masks to frontline workers, or accelerate a study that will give COVID-positive patients options now.

Flexible funds to support our response to COVID-19 allow us to identify the greatest needs moment to moment, and to quickly meet them. 100 percent of your gift will go to fighting and ending this pandemic including:

Crisis Infrastructure and Increased Care Needs

In this difficult time, we have doubled down on our commitment to patient-centered care.

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Employee Care and Relief

Across the New York region, we are in awe of the doctors, nurses, and other essential employees who are working around the clock to care for patients.

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Research and Innovation

Our scientists are engaged in a tremendous number of research initiatives that will make a huge difference for patients.

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More Ways You Can Help

Create an Online Fundraising Campaign

Many in our community want to take action by raising awareness and much needed funds. Through our official online fundraising platform, you can create a campaign to support our COVID-19 Response in just a few minutes. Campaigns are easy to share through email and social media, and all proceeds come directly to NYU Langone. Get started here.

Make an In-kind Donation

We have been incredibly fortunate to receive numerous donations to feed and protect our frontline heroes. If you wish to donate quality medical supplies, hotel rooms, or other items for our frontline employees, please send an email to

A gift of any amount will make a very real difference—on our frontlines and behind the scenes.

Help support this fund.

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