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Dear Friends, 

Multiple Sclerosis is a cause dear to my heart.  My brother Marc was diagnosed with MS when he was an adult.  Even though Marc presented many of the symptoms of MS as a child, there was little funding and research at that time and his disease went undetected. Sadly, Marc went untreated and ultimately succumbed to this debilitating disease. There is still no cure for MS, only therapies to prevent any further onset, which is why donations are so critical to fund research to eradicate the disease.  

The Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Center at NYU Langone is dedicated to providing care to patients and families suffering from MS. The Center focuses on individualized medical care, with the most advanced therapies to overcome the challenges of MS, starting with pediatrics, so that as an adult, the symptoms can be suppressed until an ultimate cure is found. Under the direction of Dr. Krupp, NYU Langone is devoted to researching the cause of MS in children and developing more effective therapies.

All funds raised will help provide families with the services they need to manage life with multiple sclerosis, and will support research for new treatments and a cure!

I am extremely grateful for your support to help find a cure for MS.




Brian and Christine Zall


This campaign supports: Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Support

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