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Child Life Program on Long Island

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About the Campaign

The Child Life Program at NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island is a therapeutic play program designed to meet the unique emotional and developmental needs of the pediatric patient and ease the stress of hospitalization for both the patient and family. Child Life strives to promote optimum development of children, adolescents, and families throughout the hospital experience. One of the main goals is to enhance the pediatric patients’ ability to cope successfully in the health care setting. We aim not only to decrease the psychological trauma associated with illness, but to try to make it a positive experience for the child’s growth and development.

-      Child Life is designed to . . .

  • Help the child overcome fear and anxiety.
  • Alleviate the short and long term emotional effects of hospitalization.
  • Transform hospitalization from an ordeal into a positive experience.
  • Provide the family with emotional support as well as answers to questions, serving as a link between the hospital and home.
  • Improve the child and family’s understanding of medical procedures through education and medical play.
  • Provide the hospitalized child with a sense of control over a seemingly uncontrollable situation.

Child Life Specialists are trained in child development and in meeting the special needs of children who are ill. Through play, education, and support, they build a special, trusting relationship with the pediatric patient while helping them understand and adjust to hospitalization through age-appropriate explanations. They may be holding a child’s hand during a medical procedure, calming the fears of anxious parents or planning fun-filled activities for the kids. Contact with a Child Life Specialist almost always guarantees to reduce a child’s tears, fears and loneliness.

-      Child Life Specialists . . .

  • Prepare children for medical procedures or treatment using language that children understand.
  • Introduce coping strategies to help reduce anxiety and enhance cooperation with the health care team.
  • Provide support and distraction during medical procedures.
  • Offer opportunities for play and expressive activities, to encourage normal development and a sense of fun in spite of challenging circumstances.
  • Promote family-centered care by providing information, advocacy and support to families of pediatric patients.


The Child Life Program at NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island relies on the philanthropic support of the community. The integral services provided by the Program and our specially educated Specialists are not covered by insurance. Your gift to support and expand the program is invaluable and truly appreciated. We thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

Nicole Almeida MS, CCLS

Director, Child Life Program

NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island

Leonard R. Krilov, MD

Chairman, Department of Pediatrics

NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island

This campaign supports: NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island Child Life


Thank you for all you do to help our children and the Department!
Always love supporting a wonderful cause- especially for children. We look forward to the return of the Yuletide Ball in 2021 and raising more money.
We are happy to support this worthy cause.
Amazing work - so important.
Child Life is one of the most wonderful service provided in the various clinical areas where our children's anxiety, pain and suffering associated with their illness are taken care of. I am grateful to all the Child Life Specialist who help us out. Thanks

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