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Malcolm Winter, NYC Half & Boston Marathon

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While normally I am a very shy and quiet person, one thing that I am willing to speak up about, is what I believe in, and I believe in FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures). I believe that one day there will be a cure for Epilepsy and I think that FACES will help make it happen. My name is Malcolm Winter, I have suffered from epilepsy and seizures for almost 10 years now, I am 21 Years old and I realize that it is time that I try and help make a difference and help their cause.

"Epilepsy is one of the world's most common neurological diseases, but it remains one of the least funded or recognized. Private epilepsy research receives $4 per patient. Parkinson's receives $40 - $50."

Originally I started running not only because I play lacrosse, but because I cant drive due to constant petite-mal and reoccurring grand mal seizures. I started walking and then running to my friend's house, and the distance didn't bother me. I was willing to run and walk anywhere. I came to love running and I now plan to run The Boston Marathon and if I think it can help spread awareness about epilepsy and FACES, then I believe thats what I not only should do... It's what I have to do.

While training to run the Boston Marathon on April 20th, I decided to also sign up for the NYC Half Marathon on March 15th. My love for running will now allow me to spread epilepsy awareness twice this year – first in New York City and then in Boston. I look forward to both races and hope to raise money and spread awareness while training for each one.

I believe too many people are unaware of what someone like me has to go through on a daily bases, constant medicine changes/side effects and its just not fair for people like me not to get a chance, a chance for a cure like any other disorder. I believe in FACES and I know that there will be a cure for epilepsy.

I ask that you please donate to my running campaign! My goal is to reach $2,500 right after my NYC Half Marathon by March, and continue to fundraise through March up to my Boston Marathon in April.

Malcolm plans to exceed his goal of 5,000.

Malcolm Winter, NYC Half & Boston Marathon
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