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Gabi and Lari's Running Challenge

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We're raising funds for COVID-19 research and development. We're aiming to run as many miles as possible as an encouragement for donations. Any help is greatly appreciated :)

From Lari:

Hey everyone,

I am excited to share that me and my roomate Gabi Fowler have started an online campaign to raise money for COVID-19 support and research! We'll both be pursuing a running challenge lasting through the summer, and we'll be trying to add up as many miles as possible by the end of july!

Please consider donating in any way you can, even if not through this campaign, by volunteering at your local food banks, wearing a mask, and keeping up with social distancing!

Donations can be at any value you'd wish, but I would be happy to dedicate a run to you, where you match (maybe a multiple if you want!) of a mutually agreed mileage!

I'll be posting my runs in the comments of this post every day, please check it out!

I appreciate all the help, even if you feel it is insignificant, it can help!!

How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: COVID-19 Response

Your gift supports the greatest needs of patients with COVID-19, and of frontline teams and researchers as they work to combat—and ultimately end—this pandemic.


You rock! Way to keep your health up and help contribute to that of others.
Great initiative. I hope you achieve your goals. Keep running!!! Best wishes Patrick, Bé, Gabi1, Fefo and Gaby2

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