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Make an Impact in Lung Cancer Research

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In the past decade, physicians and researchers have made tremendous strides in detecting and treating numerous types of cancer as well as expanding cancer education, making efforts to reduce health disparities, and dramatically increased access to lifesaving treatment. Despite these notable advances across many cancers, lung cancer remains one of the most common malignancies nationally, ranking third in prevalence. In 2021, the United States anticipates 235,760 new lung cancer cases. The reasons for lung cancer’s unrelenting toll are complex, but two key factors include the lack of effective screening to detect cancer early in every community, and a dearth of targeted treatments for many people diagnosed with lung cancer.

These are solvable problems. NYU Langone Health and Perlmutter Cancer Center have invested heavily in closing the outcomes gap for individuals with lung cancer. Through our renowned Lung Cancer Center, we are leading our peers in key investigations and their rapid translation into new therapies, in advanced screening programs that saves lives, and more. We have an infrastructure in place that fosters epic collaboration across disciplines and between our gifted team of clinicians and scientists. And we are determined. 

This year for my Birthday I’d like to ask you to help propel this important research forward in order to help as many lives as possible. A contribution of any amount can help make a difference.

This campaign supports: Lung Cancer Research

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