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In Loving Memory of Vito Brancato

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Donations made in loving memory of Vito Brancato will support NYU Langone’s Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment, which provides early diagnosis and the appropriate treatments for memory loss, coupled with support services.

Regarded as one of New York City’s most comprehensive clinical treatment centers for memory disorders of all origins, the Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment is dedicated to helping patients manage memory disorders. We offer:

  • a team approach to care delivered by experienced neurologists, psychologists, social workers, and nurse practitioners
  • caring, knowledgeable, and empathetic staff who work together to support the patient, caregiver, and family
  • clinicians who are involved in active research projects to better understand the genetics and progression of Alzheimer’s disease and develop new treatments

Our focus is on addressing the needs of those experiencing Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, frontotemporal degeneration, progressive aphasias, and other dementias as a result of neurodegenerative disease. We also offer programs in cognitive remediation for older adults with concerns about their memory, as well as those with mild cognitive impairment.

This campaign supports: Pearl Barlow Memory Evaluation and Treatment Center

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