NYU LOC Strong! #NYULOC #FitForTheFrontline

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NYU LOC Strong! #NYULOC #FitForTheFrontline

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About My Campaign

At LOC we are a group of doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, and rehabilitation aides with a goal to help out patients achieve the best active life they can.

During the COVID crisis, we had many staff who volunteered to work with COVID patients and we are proud to support them in our efforts. We also had staff deployed that valiantly take on new responsibilities to help in the fight!

We are exercising together to support our colleagues and to inspire our patients to be active! We know that moderate physical activity can help increase immunity - so let's work out together!

How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: Covid-19 Employee Relief & Care

Keep our doctors, nurses, and so many others in the fight to end COVID-19.


Thank you healthcare heroes!
Great initiative, Gauri!

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