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Support My Live Donor Awareness Fund at NYU Langone Transplant Inst.

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I'm proud to share an update on my continued progress, post kidney transplant.  I'd also like to invite you to contribute to my fundraising campaign for the newly established Living Donor Awareness Fund at NYU Langone Transplant Institute.


In January of this year, I received the gift of a new kidney from a living donor. At that time, I had end-stage renal disease caused by PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease). Following a series of complicated abdominal surgeries and a harrowing six months of dialysis, I was finally ready to receive my new kidney. 


Sadly, my struggle to find a new, healthy organ does not make me unique. Over the past few months, several people have contacted me to ask how I found my live donor. The waiting list to receive an organ from the national registry is more than 5 years long in this state, and the need for live donors is overwhelming. I was lucky enough to find a live donor through my community, but many are not. 

In response, brimming with appreciation and thankfulness, I plan to travel to Switzerland in early August to circumnavigate the Matterhorn Mountain. This 6-day guided group tour will pass through the many mountain passes and the Arolla glacier surrounding the Matterhorn, starting at 1120m above sea level on day 1 and ascending to a maximum of 3300m above sea level each day and sleeping at various mountain lodges at 1600-2000m above sea level. We are programmed to hike between 6 and 7 hours a day, crossing over into Italy for the last two nights and ending on Day 6 in Zermatt. I have been training and preparing for a challenging week. Some of you will have followed my hiking trips into the Catskills this spring. I am proud to have ascended six of the 3500ft peaks so far and can’t wait to embark upon this challenge.

I am ultimately sharing the details of my trip in the hope that you will consider making a donation in support of the Living Donor Awareness Program.  It is through outreach programs like these that more lives will be saved. 


The newly established Living Donor Awareness Fund will aid in the following ways:

  1. Support NYU Langone Transplant Institute  in further developing a comprehensive Live Donor Awareness and Support Program (for potential donors and those already committed).

  2. Begin to build a community of donors and recipients that can also participate and support the fund and program.

  3. Improve awareness of the need for live donor-ship amongst the larger public by working with the extended NYU Langone organization and our newly established community of donors and recipients.

Additionally, please consider learning more about how to become a Live Donor. Contact me or my friends at NYU Langone to learn more about our experience.

To read more about Kidney Donation please click here.

To learn more about the NYU Langone Transplant Institute please click here.

To contact the NYU Langone Transplant Institute Live Donor co-ordiantor, Lisa Kiernan, click here.

To watch the inspiring story of Dylan Matthews, altruistic donor please click here.

I encourage you to forward this to your own communities.

Forever grateful,


Paula Tancock Burrell (kidney recipient)

This photo of Peter (my donor), Dr. Bruce Gelb (my surgeon) and me was taken one week after the transplant. Both Peter and Dr. Gelb are both active mountaineers.


Support My Live Donor Awareness Fund at  NYU Langone Transplant Inst.
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This campaign supports: Living Donor Awareness


Paula, you're an amazing woman!
Loved seeing the Burrells in August. Paula, you look amazing and have been on quite a journey during which you have showed tremendous strength. With much love from Ann and Andy.
You are amazing, Paula!
Paula Well done on completing the hike. You're amazing! Xxxxx
We are so happy you are healthy and on the other side of this! We love you! xo
Paula: We're very proud of your brave journey and this amazing accomplishment! The Moffitts
well done, amazing !!
You are incredible Paula- a force!ð'
Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment and for all you are doing to help others within this community.
Way to go Paula! Love, Al and Lynn
We're so proud of you and everything you've accomplished!
Go Paula !
Keep reaching for the mountain tops!!
Paula, you are such an inspiration!
Paula - you are an inspiration Amazing human and a force to be reckoned with with all our love Priya and jesse
Amazing journey Paula- you are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing with us. xoxo Sara
Congratulations, Paula. So delighted that you are well enough to have completed this amazing feat. A big abrazo!
Hi Paula The CRAFT ladies are extremely proud of all that you have come through especially in recent years...... Our Love & Very Best Wishes The CRAFT LADIES Hong Kong
Glad to hear you are well, keep up the great work. And hope to see you all soon. Jules xx.
You are my hero. So proud of you for embracing this challenge! Well done, my friend! Well done!!! Xo
You are amazing, Paula â¤ï¸
You go girl!
So happy for you and proud of you Paula. Best of luck!
Paula - You are turning your remarkable journey into an adventure. No doubt you can conquer the Matterhorn as well. Best to you. Dennis & Liz Rogers
Good luck Paula!
Paula, what an amazing journey you've been on this past year. We continue to pray for you & think about you daily. It's not surprising that you're turning your journey into hope for others. You are awesome!
You're an inspiration, Paula. I also received great care at NYU Langone for a different type of serious illness almost four years ago. It is a wonderful hospital and you are a great exemplar of its success. Bruce
Your strength, determination and wit is always an inspiration to us. We are so proud of you!
Go conquer the Matterhorn! Such a great cause.....good luck!
Amazed and inspired. What a journey. Good luck at altitude and enjoy!
Go Go Go around the Matterhorn!
Paula, wonderful news and enjoy your journey!!
This is so incredible to hear and I'm so happy for you and your family! Best wishes on your amazing Switzerland adventure!
Thank you for sharing your story! You are absolutely amazing!
Paula we are so proud of what you have been through over many years and even more proud now of what you are aiming to do for others.............a very special lady! Much Love & Good Luck Ken & Heather
You're an inspiration!
You are amazing
Amazing! Best of luck to you.
Long journey indeed.
Go Paula! We know you can do it!
Good luck ! Happy to see such a great recovery for you

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