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This effort has special meaning to me, since my grandmother had a sudden, life-threatening GI issue which was overcome by the amazing dedication of a young GI specialist who was able to diagnosis her condition when others could not. Dr. Seymour Katz’ dedication to my grandmother Frances Lindner enabled her to live many more years, and those were very meaningful years for me and my family to be with a remarkable woman . Since then, Dr. Katz has been a physician to my mother and father, and has treated me since I was a kid. I contribute my ongoing good health to listening to his wisdom! Now I have the opportunity to give back in the form of this remarkable research program led by two outstanding physicians, Drs. Jordan Axelrad and Adam Faye (further background below). Please join me as I honor my grandmother Frances Lindner, mother Ruth Sussman, and father Max Sussman in the best way I know. In doing so, we can continue the great work of Dr. Katz and the team at NYU Langone. Research Background:Rising stars in the gastroenterology and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) world, Drs. Jordan Axelrad, Adam Faye, and his collaborators are pursuing a novel research study looking at saliva as a means of testing for Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and other inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. The purpose of this investigation is to create a study bank of clinical data, blood, oral and gut microbiomes, and mucosal pinch biopsy specimens obtained during oral examinations or endoscopies in patients with and without IBD. This study bank consisting of both adult and children participants will allow our physician-scientists to examine relationships between the oral cavity and IBD – and capture crucial information to ultimately find more effective therapies to improve the lives of the numerous people suffering with IBD.  


Sussman-Lindner IBD Fund
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Best of luck ❤️
This contribution is being made by myself, my wife Sharon, our daughter Ali and son in law Scott in memory of our beloved Ruth Sussman, Max Sussman and Frances Lindner. They live in our hearts each and every day !

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