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William I. Spencer Fund in Head and Neck Cancer

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Dear Friends,

Twelve years ago, we began fundraising efforts to establish the William I. Spencer Fund in Head and Neck Cancer at NYU Langone Medical Center. Since then, the Spencer Fund has raised over $2 million toward recruitment of talented professionals, advances in surgical techniques, no-cost early-detection screenings, and sophisticated research programs. Friends like you have enabled extraordinary progress at NYU Langone Medical Center’s newly-renamed Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center and directly impacted healthcare here and around the globe. We are grateful to have such a committed community to help us build a remarkable legacy for Bill and to spur new developments in head and neck cancer medicine. Thank you!

Today, we remain equally dedicated to our original goal of fostering the groundbreaking work of our head and neck cancer team. I am excited to share with you that the team has now grown to include five world-class surgeons and has moved to a new home on the 7th Floor of the Perlmutter Cancer Center at 160 East 34th Street.

We welcome you to visit the new center and see for yourself the amazing work that is being done. We hope you will continue to partner with us in Bill’s memory to bring further advances in the diagnosis, treatment, care and cure for those dealing with this terrible disease.

Warmest regards,

Susan Namm Spencer

William I. Spencer Fund in Head and Neck Cancer
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This is in honor of Susan Spencer and her love for Bill.
I am proud to support this important effort by NYULangone and thank Susan and the talented people who have made such a difference in the fight against this awful disease. Martie Sachs
In memory of our loving dear friend Bill Spencer.
In loving memory of Bill Spencer and in honor of the wonderful Susan Spencer for her philanthropic work on his behalf.
Thank you, Susan, for your outreach. Hoping for extraordinary research and ultimate ongoing cures! xo Marji and Norman
In loving memory of Bill and in awe of the great work you, Mom, have done with the Spencer Fund, we are honored to contribute a double 1939 to a very worthy cause! xoxo Adam and Mei
Love Susan and loved Bill and so proud of this wonderful fund she has created in his memory. David and Ray
Remembering Bill fondly
In honor of Bill and his legacy. With love and admiration for Susan. Proud to be your family!

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