Help Jason Find a Cure for Celiac Disease!

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Help Jason Find a Cure for Celiac Disease!

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Dear Friends & Family,

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I was devastated. I had no symptoms, and I didn't think that I had an issue. On top of my food allergies, I now had to restrict my diet even more. Birthday parties, camp, temple, and school are all places where I have to bring my own food. I often feel left out.

With this, I’d like to invite you to contribute to my fundraising campaign for NYU Langone Medical Center's Pediatric Gastroenterology Department. If anyone can find a cure, it would be them! They have so many great doctors like Dr. Levy (my doctor). 

Raising money to find a cure for Celiac felt like a perfect Mitzvah project for my upcoming Bar Mitzvah. And since I have a passion for football, I will be setting up a charity flag football game (date to be determined) as a thank you to anyone who donates to this cause.

If you feel motivated to give any amount, no matter the size, please do. Your gift would mean so much to me, and even more to so many others who depend on the work of NYU Langone's faculty and staff. Thank you for your support.


This campaign supports: Pediatric Gastroenterology


Great job Jason; very proud of you!
Keep up the good work!!
Great job Jason! We are so happy to support you and this important organization.
Go Jason!!!
Great job Jason for a great cause!
Thanks for your advice Jason! What a wonderful mitzvah project.
A great cause, Jason!
We love you Jason - Hope this helps you reach your goal! Love, Julie, Eric, Emma and Noah
Great work, Jason! I love it when people act to make a difference. (I also still kind of sort of hope the Mets lose tomorrow. Sorry.)
Such a great idea Jason! We all hope you raise your goal!
Good luck Jason!
Great job Jason! This is a great way not only to raise money but to raise awareness. We hope some day they find a cure for Celiac Disease.
We think that you are doing a great thing Jason.

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